What do you have when you combine the elements of horror, a clear case of a system failing, a psychotic based story line, a family in crises, and a bunch of adult non-believers??  Why you have Orphan.  For horror buffs and cinema professionals – you may see some of what goes on in Orphan coming, but what you dont see is the level of psychopathy (if that is a word) that goes on in this film.

With plenty of “ahhh, I gotcha moments” and LOTS of blood spatter, Orphan may have some of you walking away ranking this movie in the top 10 of the summers scariest.  But minus the “I didnt think it was scary factor” I felt the story line was original and the characters were a refreshing twist from what you usually see.  What you do understand from the beginning – is that Esther is not to be played with… under any circumstance.

Orphan – Warner Brothers – Rated R

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra; Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

In Theaters Nationwide – Friday, July 24th