Welcome to Healthy You Now – a new online community magazine where information, inspiration and innovation come together…..


Healthy You Now is an opportunity to offer our readers a support line as we embark on a mission to achieve an optimal lifestyle of Health and Wellness,” says Editor in Chief & Founder, Tonya Lewis Lee.  “We each play a role in our own individual health and in the collective health of our community, and we do have the power within each and every one of us to contribute to our own better health and the health of our broader community. “

Healthy You Now will provide information about good eating habits;  change the conversation about weight to health; and challenge you to make adjustments in your life. It is important to mention that this is in no way a diet site.  The goal is to educate, support, share, inform and interact with readers –  as we become one community focused on being a Healthy You Now. 

The first issue of this bi-monthly publication will launch Tuesday, December 8th . Each issue will include articles on Fitness, Nutrition, Healthy Living, Cooking and a Features Article.  We invite you to visit the Healthy You Now site and sign up for our mailing list – http://www.HealthyYouNow.com – and we look forward to sharing each others stories, struggles and successes as we strive every day to achieve a Healthy You Now.