CHANTILLY, VA – The Farm Wineries Council of Virginia will sponsor five major wine events this year, beginning with a grand tasting of Virginia’s artisan wines on Saturday February 6th and Sunday February 7th at the 4th Annual Virginia Wine Showcase to be held at Dulles Expo Center, just west of Washington DC.

Winemakers from all over Virginia will pour dozens of different wines, ranging from dry and semi-dry table wines to sparkling fruit and dessert wines, for event guests to taste.  Wine lovers will get the opportunity to see Virginia in a day, discovering a large variety of award-winning, locally-grown wines all in one place.

“Virginia’s artisan wine is meticulously handcrafted in a way that’s just not possible in big industrial wine operations”, explains Carl Henrickson of the Farm Wineries Council. “Vintners and winemakers in Virginia grow their grapes and produce their wines in small batches on the family farm. The ability to personally cultivate wine from first bud through fermentation does make a difference you can actually taste.”

The boutique wines being produced in Virginia consistently win gold in national and international competitions. The State has been getting a lot of attention in wine circles of late. Virginia has been named “one of the top five wine regions in the world to visit”, by Travel & Leisure Magazine, and is considered to be “the most promising, emerging wine region in the United States” by Wine Spectator magazine.

At the Virginia Wine Showcase, winemakers will feature over 300 of the State’s award-winning wines. The event will provide wine lovers the freedom to sample numerous wines from all over the state side by side, and discover for themselves how the combination of terroir and specific weather conditions determines each vintage’s unique flavor.

Besides the wine tastings, a full slate of culinary and tasting seminars will happen every hour all day both days to help guests understand the art of enjoying wine and food, including:

  • EMERGING WINE REGIONS AND THEIR REGIONAL DELIGHTS with noted Sommelier, Andrew Stover, of Vino50 Selections. Stover will lead an enlightening tasting tour through America’s emerging wine regions. Guests will sample artisan wines from up and coming regions like Arizona, Idaho, Los Angeles County, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, New York, Southern Oregon and beyond.
  • GOURMET GETAWAYS with author Joe David, Chef Jill Prescott & Winemaker, Doug Fabbioli. David, the author of Gourmet Getaways, will discuss the secret cooking techniques of professional chefs. A special demonstration by noted chef, Jill Prescott of Ecole de Cuisine in Asheville NC, will tease your palate with a delectable winter soup. And, Doug Fabbioli, one of Virginia’s leading winemakers, will join in on the fun, experimenting with how to choose the perfect wine pairing for comfort food.
  • ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE with Mary Schellhammer of Spice Rack Chocolates. The audience will spend some delectable time with chocolatier Mary Schellhammer exploring everyone’s favorite subjects – chocolate and wine! During this endorphin-spiking seminar, Mary will share “Three Rules for Pairing Wine with Chocolate”.  Then everyone will apply their newly learned skills by pairing three different wines with some of Mary’s chocolate creations.
  • OLIVE OIL TASTING with Keith Voight of All Things Olive. This seminar will open with an overview of the history and health benefits of olive oil and how it is made. Participants will conduct the ultimate tasting of the four broad types of olive oil and learn how to match the right olive oil with any dish.
  • TEAOSOPHY with Elise Scott of Pearl Fine Teas, one of only 23 certified tea professionals in the United States. Tea is generally described as having a foreground (top note), middle ground, and background flavor. Scott will lead a unique exploration of the unique nuances of tea.
  • VIRGINIA VERSUS THE REST OF THE WORLD with Brandon Walsh of Hosted Wine Tasting LLC. Walsh will pit Virginia wines against wines from three major wine regions – California, Washington and France – in a blind tasting. Guests will get to taste for themselves how Virginia wines compare to the rest of the world.

More than 150 fancy food, fine art and valentine product exhibitors will join in the fun of the Virginia Wine Showcase, introducing everything from artisan cheese to wine-aging oak barrels and the latest must-have culinary accessories. Over the past 4 years this event has expanded to become one of the best culinary shows on the east coast. Details and tickets to the event are available online at

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