Van Lier Fellowship for Playwrights / Directors at the Lark

The Lark Play Development Center will offer two one-year fellowships for emerging, New York-based, economically disadvantaged artists of color. One director and one playwright will receive $8,000 for a one-year residency beginning December 15, 2011. Fellows will be exposed to a variety of play development programs at the Lark; they will play an active role with artistic staff in supporting playwrights and other theater artists across a spectrum of Lark programs; they will develop peer relationships and professional networks; and they will set personal artistic goals for implementation during the residency and play an entrepreneurial role in their own artistic development under the mentorship of Lark staff and professional artists. At the end of the fellowship period, fellows are expected to have created strong and sustained relationships with fellow artists, peers, mentors and industry leaders in the field and also have an expanded awareness and working knowledge of new play development and the greater theater community. Applicants must be legal residents of New York, artists of color, under the age of 30, and demonstrate economic need.

Interested candidates should visit our website at

Applications are due November 15.


Graphic Designer needed. Preferably an NYC/Brooklyn based designer with flexible schedule. Rate of pay is $15.00 per hr. 3-5 days per week, total hrs 3-5 per day.

Job Description:
Design graphics for CD/DVD discs and inserts for Jewel cases. Knowledge of the program for the Bravo Pro CD/DVD printer and Photoshop are required.

Design posters, flyers, letterhead, business cards, invitations, tickets and promotional materials for events.

Candidates should send a resume and any links to web portfolios to


House of Dinah (HOD): is seeking 5 Black men who sing & dance well for staged reading of a new play by Jerome A. Parker – Directed by LA Williams.

A drama with Dinah Washington’s music, part drag show /part cabaret, HOD tells the story of 5 women in a diner seeking refuge and self-fulfillment. Character age range is 20 – 80 years old. Be prepared to sing a jazz/blues standard and learn a dance combination. Sight reading a +.

Auditions on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. email for appointment and further information.

Synopsis: HOUSE OF DINAH (HOD) is a tale about a waitress in a diner who wants more out of life, the lady who seeks refuge therein from a harsh storm and the enslavement of both under three, older, vicious queens. All roles are played by black men. Part drag show using a Dinah Washington set list and part cabaret play – HOD trips through history, power and time with claws and lipstick. How much pain must one endure before one’s inner queen lashes out?

Cast Breakdown:
Tamika, a queen in her 80’s – Age may have jumbled her memories, but her wisdom is keen. She’d rather rest in her twilight years, but will not until all her work is complete. (IT’S FUNNY; DRINKING AGAIN)

Gladys, a queen in her 60’s – Her iconic status as performer and revolutionary keeps her battery running on high; she seems to get younger as she ages. But she longs for the good old days when the stage was her battleground. (I LOVE YOU, YES I DO.)

Felicia, a queen in her 40’s – Plagues and personal tragedies have only hardened Felicia. She manages the diner with an iron fist, protecting her broken heart. (YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS; NEW BLOW TOP BLUES; MY DEVOTION)

Wilhelmina, a worker approaching 30 – Timid and obedient yet territorial. She clings to work and routine to make it through her endless days. She has learned to enjoy being useful, but yearns for a greater purpose in life. (I DON’T HURT ANYMORE, TEACH ME TONIGHT)

Lady, early 20’s – beautiful, young and resourceful. She wouldn’t have it any other way. If only life hadn’t shown itself to be such a mess lately, she could continue living the dream. (Singing/dancing is not a priority; comedy is.)


“Heartfelt” is a short film written by Asahn Simmons and will be directed by Matthew A. Cherry and is being produced by Steve-O Carless of Three 21 Media in association with Cherry Entertainment.
The first casting call will occur on November 29th in New York City (Manhattan to be exact). We will be replying back with the specific location and times at it gets closer. If we like your first audition we will have a call back for you which will occur later on in the week. Send your information here

“Hen” – Young African American, Lite Skin Tone, btw ages 12-15, to play role of 10 year old boy.
“Unique” – Beautiful African Amercain Female, btw ages 21 to 30 to play a 24 year old female. Hen’s love interest role.
“Neif” – African American Thug/Male , Brown Skin Tone, btw ages of 22 to 30 to play a 24 year old Ruthless Male
“Shaneice” – Beautiful African American Female/ Motherly,Brown Skin Tone Btw ages of 33 to 43 to Play 24 year old mother, then later in film play a 40 year mother.
“Jah-Lay” – African American Thug/Male, Brown Skin Tone, btw ages of 22 to 30 to play a 24 year old Male.
“Bip” – African American Thug/Male, Dark Skin Tone, btw ages of 22 to 30 to play a 24 year old Thug Male.
“Nama/Grandma” – African American , Heavy Set Women, Brown Skin Btw ages of 45- 55 to play a 55 Year old grandmother
“Mimi” – Child/Girl African American, Brown Skin, btw ages 13 to 16 to play a 13 year old girl. Hen’s sister.
“Aunt Tam” – African American, Btw ages 19-26 to play 23 Year old.
“Steve-O” – African American ,Brown Skin ,No Facial hair, btw ages 25 to 32 to play age of 29 year old male. Hen’s manager/
3 to 4 Aunts African American Brown Skin/Lite Skin as well… Btw Ages 19 to 26 to Play 23 year old Aunts
Waiter at the restaurant

Bip’s friend “One”.
5 Kids African American btw ages 5 to 10 1 baby

Send your submissions to Submissions should include a head shot, what role(s) you would like to read for, and your resume and/or reel (if applicable). This information will be posted on LA Casting and Actors Access next week. Look forward to meeting you.
P.S. We plan to Ustream our casting call so if you are not comfortable with that DO NOT submit.


SCAR written, produced and directed by Damian Bailey (GANG GIRL, THE BIG WES) tells the story of an undercover addict drug dealer whose known for his violent temper in the neighborhood, A respected God Fearing but deeply depressed school teacher, and a teenager suffering from cyber bullying, come together to overcome their struggles in life after one of them commits suicide.

The trailer will capture two scenes from the film:
1. Scar and Bobby share their life and pain inside a car (the scene that was performed in Directing Actors Gym)
2. David lays in bed, dreading on going to school until he puts a gun to his head.

SCAR (Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian, late 20’s-early 30’s), known for giving thugs a mark after beating them down with his street fighting skills, lives only for the moment. He’s a pretty boy who has a menacing vibe to him, deeply influenced by the rough neighborhood he was bought up in. He’s in his late 20’s, lives with his mother, 9th grade education, sells drugs and gets any woman he pleases. Scar had dreams of becoming a comic book illustrator until those dreams faded away when his father, a drug addict, overdosed years ago. To hide his pain, he secretly uses Crystal Meth, disrespects his mother and doesn’t care about anyone in his life, not even the girls he sleeps with. The only thing he cares about is his two little girls who lives with their mother. Knowing he’s not the best father, he comes and go in their lives, not being the Dad they need. Scar has a teen brother who he ignores because he is the total opposite of him, an honor student and he hates it, ignores him at all cost-wishing he was his brother. Scar wishes he end his life the way his father ended his. ACTOR MUST BE ABLE TO PERFORM “STREET” OR “HOOD TYPE”.

BOBBY Washington (African American, mid 30’s-40’s) has all the appearance of a well kept Christian man. God-Fearing, good looking and very well respected in the school he teaches and the respect from his local church; however deep inside he is suffering from depression. Bobby lost his wife and daughter in a fatal car crash…..


Come out to “Momma, I Made It!” Comedy @ Limerick House every Thursday. Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 6:30. To perform or gain experience hosting, email:

Hey Everyone!
come out for another exciting night of GOOD, FREE COMEDY!!

Limerick House
69 W 23rd st (b/w 5th and 6th ave) on the 2nd floor
Doors open at 6, show starts at 6:30.

Special Guest: SUPER FUNNY Comedian, Damien Lemon!
Non-comics enter “Everyone’s got Jokes” contest for a chance to win $10!

For a spot to perform, email:



On Monday Nov 8th, our fifth installment of New Voices In Black Cinema @ BAM Rose Cinemas features a touching family drama about survival, faith and the unconquerable spirit of love

screenings at 4:30, 6:50 & 9:30pm
Following our 6:50 show will be an after-party in the BAM lobby area. Come join us and celebrate this special film screening, our final for 2010.

Tickets available at
Help spread the word!!!

Tickets are available now!!! Go to for more information.