So as most of you may know – I’ve drastically cut back my FB interactions.  Constant site revamping, the issue of privacy & selling of information and the latest FB roll out on selling your information is quite clear –  However I’ve learned about something very, VERY cool!!!

My girl BernNadette Stanis hit me up & talked to me about Crazy Good (literally – this is the “true story”) – she invited to participate in a new social network that keeps its members’ information TOTALLY private and that because you have to be invited to join – its not as loose and open as other sites – and I joined. Crazy Good doesn’t allow search engines to crawl the site, AND they don’t sell any of my information. They don’t even allow Ads, because Ads can have stuff like spyware, malware and tracking software. Instead they charge $10 a month, but it’s worth it to me on so many levels……

Plus I really like what the company stands for. They give away 10% of all their revenues to charities that the community recommends. They call it Social-Minded Social Networking and these days I’m all about Social Minded-ness!  Plus you get what you pay for and with Facebook, while I’ll still keep it – I like what I’m seeing on Crazy Good and I’m brand new to the site, so I have a lot to learn still!!!

And here’s something that made me do the Scooby Doo “head cock”  ‘Eeeerrr’ (that sound Scooby makes) – right now, in it’s current phase – Crazy Good will share half of the $10 with the members who help them build this community. So basically, if you refer your friends, you could MORE than cover your $10 a month. You could even start earning some extra money EVERY month. There is an affiliate marketing program that pays you $1 for each of your friends, AND your friends’ friends, AND their friends’ friends; (so on and so forth – you’re smart, you get it).  Crazy Good calls it your “Circles of Influence”.

I love being on the cutting edge of things and I really do think its Crazy Good and if you like it, join me.

And for those talking about the $10 a month.  That’s more than what you’d spend on one “adult beverage”, a movie (ticket only), a Netflix membership or your membership at the gym and lets face it – everyone has a side hustle and this is easier and more fun than like 5 Linx (I’m just saying!!!)
And if you’re thinking, “But my network is free.” No, it isn’t! You are paying with your information. AND you don’t get to share in the company revenues, do you? Well, do you? Ummm, you don’t!!! The facts don’t lie.  Hope you sign up soon and I’ll see you on the Crazy Good side of life!!