Randomnish – a derivation from randomness, it is defined (by me) as Random “ish”.

Hello blogosphere!!  After almost two years I am finally taking keyboard to post and writing a little bit.  No reviews, event recaps, southern recipes – I’m finally doing it by simply talking….some may say ranting, definitely not raving, well maybe some raving…..there’s nothing wrong with raving…..

Randomnish is an installment that I’ve come up with to chronicle and highlight some of the things I see, say, do, play during the course of my day.  This is completely off the proverbial creative brain wheel and so my first Randomnish post is dedicated to twitter, President Obama, the Reverend Al Sharpton and well, me.  Because I just discovered moments ago that I was included in a tweet mentioning the Rev. Al, the NAACP, and whoever thrgrio is….  I’m rather stunned and shaking my head.  I love twitter for the anonymity,

but sometimes I really just do want to know who on earth some folks are.  Especially those that mention me in tweets and I know I have no idea who you are.  Because at the end of the day, I just wish that all the random mentions from ‘stranger no-danger tweeters’ would translate into many many MANY more twitter followers for me (I have no shame)!!

1. So let me start shameless plug # 1 and say “Follow me on Twitter – CoolBeansRae“.

2. Let me also say I have a junior high school level command of twitter – so for all those that have retweeted my blog posts, just said hi (and i have NO clue who you are), sent me links to check out your latest mix tape/rap group/musical “situation” – I am FASCINATED by you guys but I am not clicking on any twitter link to blow up my beloved laptop, and especially those I don’t know and still re-tweet me – MWAH!!!

3. I also have to say – please don’t “talk” to me on twitter.  Texting, emails and calling is enough to keep up with and the twitter talk confuses me and limits my replies to 140 characters.  2 words: Sheer torture!

4. And let me say I have no idea even what the link is about.  I just wonder why Crewof42 included my name in the tweet.  Its funny and creepy and “one of these things just doesn’t belong” all at the same time….  and then DryerBuzz re-tweeted it.  Really?!?!?!?!  Wowzers……..  Nice.  Wonder if they meant to tweet me.  Is this some new twitter etiquette that I don’t know about.  Wonder how many people are going to retweet it. Wonder how many people are looking at my twitter feed and wonder how on earth I ended up on the feed.  Wondering if I’ll be on panels for CBC and NAACP and Urban League and The Daily Show and HLN – just a running my mouth – all because of a twitter mention (I have a VERY active imagination!!!!! Cheesy SMILE!!  But I can talk the poli-tics-talk now!!  Poli-tics-talk, next topic/subject!!)

I mean I’m right behind the NAACP & #blacknews and BEFORE Rev. Al – some may say I’m reading way too much into a tweet, and for all I know the link goes to those jankie spam fancy tennis shoe/sneaker FB posts – but like how’s that for a break in the day for ya!  And I have met Rev. Al on both social and professional levels.  Really like him.  In fact I like him & understand him more now than I have in the past…..

And so that is it.  Today’s Randomnish – President Obama, me & Rev Al, twice mentioned together, on twitter.  And as for the topic that I’m being included on on twitter, let me just say for the record that any worthy cause or agenda should be presented (they used the word push, but I dont care for that word in this context) because it is good for the country, not because of the race of the President.  While I do think Black America & the Black Press especially often fails to acknowledge that a) President Obama is the President for the entire United States of America, not just Black America and b) no one was giving George Bush all this grief while he was President; and that America in general forgets that Congress and the Congressional leaders that each and everyone elects are the ones that make and vote the laws (so y’all need to get off Obama and onto the Congressional leaders), that people like to sit around and “complain while misinformed” and not get up, get active and get the facts and finally, that this country continues, like all of us to have our faults, struggles, failures and triumphs.  If every day we strive to be better, do better and make a better way and understand that some days we will fail, we will fall short, we will disappoint – but that if we just always remember that someone is pulling for us, someone (although it may take a while to find them) is willing to help and that falling only means that eventually you will get up.  We as individuals, as a community and as a nation simply have to strive to do better, and well I think that’s all that can be asked.

I think I just went on a rant….

Randomnish signing off for 5.18.11…….