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Use social media to market your business

Social Media Marketing Boot Camp is an online conference and workshop.

Discover how to use social media tools and create effective content strategies to build your fans quickly and increase your business. Create and implement a social media strategy, track results, and get feedback from advisors and peers.

How does this work?

This is an innovative online conference and workshop that bridges the best of conferences and online learning:

  • Keynote speeches by world-class social media pioneers, with interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Practical how-to sessions that show you how to put big ideas into immediate practice.
  • Homework designed to get your social media strategy up and running quickly.
  • Peer interaction: Work closely with a small group. Get feedback from an advisor. And make meaningful connections with the entire attendee roster.

By the end of the online conference & workshop, you’ll have:

  • A comprehensive social media marketing strategy in place across various sites and platforms, including a content strategy and monitoring tools in place to track traffic, engagement, and conversion to sales.
  • Plus you’ll get ongoing guidance from the boot camp instructors and facilitators, special guests, and peers in your small group sessions.
  • Most important, once your social media strategy is in place, you’ll get feedback from your audience, users, and clients.

Your Conference Leader

Jennifer LindsayJennifer Neeley (@jennifered) is the Conference Leader for mediabistro’s Social Media Marketing Bootcamp, identifying keynote speakers and collaborating with Education and Events Director Carmen Scheidel on programming. Jennifer is a leading Social Media Management Consultant, currently working with a number of clients including the Iraqi Elections Commission. She is working in her second book, this time about Generational Marketing. Her radio program, The A-List, which is featured on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes, continues to break listener records. Jennifer is a two-time Emmy-nominated new and emerging television news media pioneer. Jennifer earned her Masters Degree in Journalism from Columbia University and holds a Bachelors Degree in English from University of California Berkeley.

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