September 19, 2016 – A Rebirth

I can’t pinpoint the exact date in the Spring of 2008, but what I do know is that on May 1 2008, I posted my first post on this blog – an invite to DC Scout’s 1st Birthday Bash.

By January 1, 2013 (over the course of 5 years), RaeNewman’s Blog had posted over 850 posts and over 57,000 visitors.   From the Project Inspiration Photo Exhibit (11.16.11) to  BMW/Uptown Magazine events to #AllThingsFashion to former client Anji Corley’s fashion & media endeavors to interviews with Estelle, event reviews from Soul Overdose featuring YahZarah, Faith Evans and more.

I started this blog to help people be more “in the know.”  People started realizing that I was a “go-to” source with the inside track to a cornucopia of events and opportunities in DC, NYC, LA, Atl and beyond.  On any given weekend, I’d get a call asking me where to go, what the hot haps were or if there was anything amazing happening for the weekend.  The problem was, I’d always be at an event when those calls came through.  And thus, the blog was born.


Fast forward to September 2016.  And while the blog has been on a 3 year hiatus, the invitations, events and clients have continued to roll in.  The blog comes easy, but look for some things old: MG Sandbox: An Entertainment Think Tank – to launch and announce some new clients; and the return of covering the DC Music Scene, even though has gone defunct as of June 2016, my Examiner articles live on and I’ll continue to write here and freelance for various outlets.  And look for some things new, including “A Creatives Incubator,” (link coming soon) a support system for creatives, artists and tech/STEM which is positioned to take multiple industries by storm….

Have an event or announcement you’d like considered for post on the blog?  Send an email to and we will consider it.

#BeAmazing  #BeInspired  #JustBe
– Rae Newman