Many thanks to Blaise Lucey, Senior Content Strategist at for the invitation!!  #Mwah
– Rae


If you’re spending a lot of time building up your audience across social channels, targeting SEO keywords, and building an email list, you probably have a pretty good idea of your audience’s overall size.

But how much of that audience is engaged with your day-to-day content? And how many people do you reach if you spend money to promote your ads and connect with a paid audience? Most importantly, how do you build an attribution model that gives you the visibility you need into every channel?

Join AdRoll and Bitly for our webinar, “Trackology: Social Media, Paid Audiences, Attribution – Measuring Your Paid Ads & Your Paid Audience” on Thursday, October 27 at 2pm EST to find out!

We’ll cover:

  • The difference between paid and organic audiences
  • What audiences you can target with paid ads on different channels
  • How to build an attribution model and how AdRoll built one internally




Can’t attend? You should still register! We’ll send out the recording to all registrants after the webinar.