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ABC’s Shark Tank is hosting a casting call to support entrepreneurship and bring more diverse ideas and voices to the show. On a first come, first serve basis, companies may be selected to pitch their businesses to the casting team.


REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for entrepreneurs wishing to pitch.

Location: The Willard Hotel (1401 Pennsylvania Ave., NW – WDC – 20004)

Date/Time: Thursday, April 26 |  9 am to 4 pm

For questions or more information, email

This event is sponsored by Shark Tank (ABC Network), Values Partnerships,

and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
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Co-producers: Baltimore Centerstage, Philadelphia Theater Co. LORT B;

$750/week minimum

Director: Irene Lewis

Writer: August Wilson

Casting: Janet Foster

1st rehearsal/Baltimore: March 5, 2010.

Runs: April 7 – May 9.

1st rehearsal/Philadelphia: May 18.

Runs: May 26 – June 20.

This play is set in the late 1920’s in Chicago.


Sturdyvant:50s-60. Caucasian male, runs the recording studio. He is a not untypical white business man. He is no-nonsense and smart but with no understanding of black people. He is interested in staying afloat in his business.

Irvin: 40-60. Jewish man and the right hand to Sturdyvant. He thinks he understands the black musicians and does do his best to keep things going– especially balancing the two worlds he’s working with– Sturdyvant and the black “talent.”

Cutler: 40-50. Black male. Leader of the band. He is reasonable, private, and professional. Cutler is not interested in “trouble.” He plays the trombone and guitar and holds the group together.

Toledo: 40-50. Black male. The piano player and the only member of the band that can read. He has a tendency to lecture the others, but is tight with the group that he has known for many years.

Slow Drag: 40-50. Black male. The bass player. He tends to be a follower.

Levee: Black male. Younger than the others, in his 30s . Trumpet player. Good musician interested in getting ahead. He is a visionary and talented, but can be an argumentative guy. Interested in separating himself from the others who he considers old fashioned. A lady’s man.

Policeman: Caucasian male, 30-40. Not a bad sort. He’s friends with Irv. He has no time for the blacks.

Dussie Mae: Black female, 20s. She’s traveling with Ma Rainey. Young and spirited and looking for a man who’s going to make something of himself. She is great looking and sexy. Ambitious.

Sylvester: Black male, 20-30, and also with Ma Rainey. Ma Rainey is determined, despite his stutter, to use him to introduce her and the band. And after a number of “takes,” he is able to speak without stuttering. A bit comic, but a moving guy.

NYC auditions will be held by appointment only, date to be announced.

Seeking submissions from Equity Members only for these auditions.

For consideration, e-mail (preferred) picture and resume ASAP to:

Or mail to: Janet Foster 3212 Cambridge Avenue Bronx, NY 10463