When I first started this blog in 2008, I had one intention.  To try to curb the weekend phone calls…   Calls asking “where’s the happenings tonight” or “what’s good for the weekend?”  Being #InTheKnow about the goings on in DC, as well as having a variety of interests, a crazy rolodex of contacts, invitations to all types of events, awesome #Tribes and often working or attending all kinds of events – people knew that I was “in the know.”  It got too much… And then something else happened.  I slowly learned (& realized) that I had built a reputation for being #InTheKnow about all kinds of things.  And that was kinda cool…

And as a result, this blog was slowly born.  First there was an e-blast newsletter, and then the blog.  And when this blog was born, I had no intention of writing.  At. All.  And one day, I was at a show & thought, “Other folks should know about this.  This is amazing!!”  And from there I just started writing music/concert reviews…..

The “Blog Articles” are things I’ve written #JustForFun starting in 2008.  Somewhere around 2010, I found out the Examiner.com (the online, not print version) was looking for a bunch of writers.  I applied to cover the “Music Events in DC” beat, and got it!

This assignment & title allowed me the latitude to cover ANY event in DC, as long as it had a music component.  It was a BLAST!!  Around 2012 I took a hiatus, and when I returned in 2016, with the intention to pick back up on my writing, I learned that the “dot com” had been sold, the original links no longer work and my articles are now random floating in the internet-o-sphere.  At first I was devastated, but if it’s one thing we know about the internet – once it’s there, it’s always there, somewhere – you may have to look really hard or it may pop up immediately – but it’s always there.  And thus, I have been able to find many of my articles on random sites.

The “Articles on Examiner.com” are those articles I wrote for Examiner, however please note, if you attempt to go to Examiner.com that site is gone……  Along with the site being gone, all of the awesome photos that I used for the articles, one article was all photos (I was trying something new….), along with the great comments from readers are gone too.

I had a pretty good following & I hope some of those folks have followed me here.  (Sidebar: You’ll also note that on the main blog, I often would tease my articles with a partial blog post here and on my Fan FB page.  Those will remain and links to those pages will be included below.)

I love to write, I love to share, I love to connect; and for those of you who love to read, love what I do & how I do it – #ENJOY!!  😉

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 Event Review: Kane Show 2011 Butterball featuring LMFAO

11.18.11 - hot 99.5 kane show butterball cropped

Butterball.  The word conjures up many images and connotations. It’s the brand name of a turkey, so for some – it brings up thoughts of Thanksgiving. Butterball is a not so nice name for an overweight person or a reference to an individual serving of butter, in a round shape. However, if you’re an avid listener of the very popular syndicated morning show – The Kane Show – on Hot 99.5 FM (Clear Channel Radio), then Butterball takes on a whole other meaning……

Thursday night fans of the Kane Show and the featured artists of the night, the very popular LMFAO, came out in droves to celebrate the much publicized, anxiously awaited “Kane Show Butterball 2011 with LMFAO” sold-out event at the newly opened Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. The statement “you had to be there” does not even begin to describe the level of excitement, high energy and mass celebration that took place Thursday night. The crowd was so diverse – ranging from kids and teens, to corporate types in suits, to die-hard LMFAO fans, to folks dressed in costumes – but one thing was for sure, these folks were definite #PartyRockers and #KaneShow fans!

In its 5th year, Butterball 2011 started out with a pre-show private meet & greet where a select group of fans got to meet Kane, Sarah Fraser and Samy K from the Kane Show, along with Redfoo and SkyBlu from LMFAO. For the rest of the fans, the Fillmore opened its doors at 7 pm with DJ Chris Styles from Hot 99.5 on stage warming up the crowd for about an hour. Kane, Sarah Fraser and Samy K walked among the crowd with a microphone, greeting and talking to fans, taking pictures and just adding to the already high-energy vibe that was permeating the Fillmore. Hot 99.5 was broadcasting live from the Fillmore and as fans came in, they were able to buy LMFAO merchandise, enter to win a Mervis Diamond heart shaped pendant at the Hot 99.5 table, there were given really cool glow in the dark fluorescent Hot 99.5 mini glow sticks (which they unfortunately threw at the stage at the end of the night). The Hot 99.5 mascot walked among the crowd, taking pictures – and I even asked Samy K if Maw-Maw had come to Butterball & he confirmed, she was somewhere on stage.

DJ Chris Styles did an awesome job and for those that have never been, Butterball has the feeling of a really big, really great, party – a couple of DJ, some great music, some dancing, a great band performing. Butterball has definitely made my list for the Top Ten “Not to Miss” DC Music Events. Thursday’s crowd seemed really excited and most of the Hot 99.5 crew joined The Kane Show on stage, including Kane Show producer Erick Villegas and Toby Knapp. Kane introduced everyone, for the fans who didn’t know what some of their favorite on air personalities looked like and then he managed to get the crowd, in sections, to simply yell. Yes, yell – holler – scream and it was rather amusing as hundreds of fans just simply yelled. And as if that wasn’t enough to rile up the already high-spirited crowd…. the ultimate “get your crowd hype” event was revealed – the T-Shirt giveaway & the “show me your ‘iHeart Radio Apps’”. Kane then turned the stage over to DJ Dirty Elbows from Hot 99.5 and he kept the party going for another hour. Folks were dancing and the crowd all of a sudden became extremely hyped and animated. Not because of anything they saw on the stage, but because a young man by the name of Brandon was dancing his butt off in the upper corner of the balcony. The crowd on the floor could see him and so could I, so I had to go talk to him & get some pictures (see slideshow) for this article. I found out that Brandon is 11 yrs old and has been dancing for 4 years and he attended the concert with his siblings, Sebastian & Emely. All I have to say is, the way that Brandon was dancing, the DC Music Events Examiner will be looking for him in about 6 – 8 years, and maybe sooner, on the big screen or a national stage – that boy had some moves and about 400 or so folks in the Fillmore know exactly what I mean. The Kane Show came back to the stage and gave a shout out to some Veterans that were in the audience, and then I noticed Nico. He was playing the “air drums” right along side the hot tunes that DJ Dirty Elbows was playing. He was too fast to even begin to capture with a picture, but I had to mention him – he was awesome.

At 9 pm, LMFAO took to the stage at the Fillmore and from the very first song to the inflatable zebra to the wardrobe changes to the multiple confetti cannons – they love confetti – to their dance moves, which were executed with flawless precision, simply put – LMFAO brings it. 2 words – Brings It. High energy, great stage presence, props galore, confetti, inflatable animals and trees, more confetti, strobe lights, their on stage visual ‘cooler’ that consisted of red bull, corona’s & ciroc, did I mention confetti – LMFAO are commanders of the stage. I’ve seen and worked thousands of stages shows and LMFAO is a group that is a must see, hands down. The LMFAO experience at the Fillmore included, of course – Redfoo and SkyBlu, along with 4 back-up dancers, a DJ, a drummer and a guitar player – and between the 9 of them, they Party Rocked. The duo opened the show with Rock The Beat II, Sorry for Party Rocking, Get Crazy & Hipster Girl; followed by Take it to the Hole, Put that Ass to Work, Miami/Chuckie Remix and Getting Over You.

A little BEP (Black Eyed Peas) Boom Boom Pow and Shooting Star – and now the crowd is even more hyped (didn’t think it was possible) and singing along with LMFAO as they performed hit after hit. I’m Not a Whore, One Day, La La La, Yes and Reminds Me of You came next and LMFAO shared with the crowd that they has just come back from doing shows in Canada and asked everyone to put their drink in the air as they launched into Shots/Shots Remix. And then the concert got weird. LMFAO & dancers left the stage, the band left the stage and the stage went dark. Now maybe in this tweet more, speak less time that we live in, concert goers have forgotten proper encore concert etiquette, but normally when the artist leaves the stage and they haven’t sung their “major hits” the crowd chants something – the group name, the song they want, even “we want more” – to bring the artist back on stage. I don’t know what was in the air at the Fillmore, but a chant started to happen, sort of, twice and that seemed to not quite pick up steam. So fans started throwing the glow sticks at the stage and even thought at that point the event and fans were rating 5 stars, the fans got demoted with that asinine move. But in spite of the crowd’s collossal brain fart, LMFAO returned to the stage for not one, but two finales – with Party Rock Anthem and Champagne Showers for the first encore and Sexy and I Know It for the final song of the night. And in spite of the glow sticks, confetti, corona soup-like concoction that was emerging on the stage (it was a slippery, colorful hawt mess) – the dancers did their thing, LMFAO did the dayum thing and the Party Rocking continued on.

LMFAO killed it, The Kane Show returned to the stage to say good night and a “sweaty black bra” managed to make its way not only onto the stage, but onto Samy’s face. All in all, it was a great night of good, clean, Butterball, Party Rocking, musical fun. See you next year at Butterball 2012!!

To see more pictures & videos go to Hot 99.5 Butterball 2011.


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 Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play on the National Mall

The Nickelodeon Network encourages everyone, kids & families especially, to turn off the television and join those from across the United States and countries including Germany, France, India, The Netherlands and Tanzania to celebrate A Worldwide Day of Play on Saturday, September 24th.

09.23.11 - nickelodeon cropped

Remember the days before cable television, when Atari first came out and there were only 3 games (including pong) and children spent most of the late afternoon and early evening, not in front of a computer, gaming system, or with some type of electronic device, but outside playing hopscotch, jump rope, or riding bikes? Well, on Saturday, September 24th, Nickelodeon Networks, along with First Lady Obama’s “Let’s Move! Campaign”, the Presidents Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition and over 50 partner organizations (including NFL Play 60, the ASPCA, the Boys and Girls Club of America, Special Olympics and Major League Baseball) have teamed together for the 8th Annual Worldwide Day of Play (WWDOP) celebration on the Ellipse of the National Mall.

“Worldwide Day of Play is the biggest celebration of active play in our history,” said Cyma Zarghami, President of Nickelodeon Networks. “The First Lady’s leadership in elevating the importance of kids and families living healthier and more active lifestyles is a passion we share, and we are incredibly excited to be bringing our entire roster of talent to Washington to promote that message.” Some of Nickelodeon’s most popular stars from iCarly, Victorious, True Jackson VP, Supah Ninjas and Bucket & Skinner Epic Adventures; performances by Big Time Rush and the Fresh Beat Band; Nickelodeon favorites such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer; and superstar athletes including Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Damien Woody, Terrell Owens and Abby Wambach will participate in activities and events, as a part of the networks ongoing commitment to advancing awareness of healthy and active lifestyles.

WWDOP kicks off at 10 am and activities will include baseball, soccer, dance, lacrosse, cheerleading, martial arts and entertainment; along with activities and tips for how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. From 12 pm to 3 pm (EST), Nickelodeon’s networks will go off the air and websites will go off line, as the network encourages viewers nationwide to make this a national day of play. There are over 4,000 confirmed local WWDOP events taking place in all 50 states across the United States, Germany, France, India, Tanzania, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Scotland and Sweden and as a part of the WWDOP weekend activities, Victoria Justice and the cast of Nickelodeon’s Victorious will pay a special visit to the Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts High School in Washington, DC on Friday, September 23rd . Ellington students will enjoy a short performance by the cast, followed by a Question & Answer session and signing with the Victorious cast.

Worldwide Day of Play is a part of Nickelodeon’s “The Big Help” campaign – a campaign that aims to inspire a kid-led movement for positive change by focusing on 4 key issues: health and wellness; the environment, education and community service. In the past 7 years, over 2 million kids have pledged to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The 8th Annual WWDOP will include appearances by:

  • The Cast of Victorious: Victoria Justice, Daniella Monet, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Leon Thomas III and Matt Bennett;
  • The Cast of iCarly: Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Noah Munck and Jerry Trainor;
  • Keke Palmer, star of True Jackson, VP;
  • The cast of Supah Ninjas (Ryan Potter, Gracie Dzienny and Carlos Knight);
  • The cast of Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures (Taylor Gray, Dillon Lane and Ashley Argota);
  • Musical performances by Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson – known as the pop band Big Time Rush & the Fresh Beat Band;
  • Professional athletes including Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks), LeBron James (Miami Heat), Terrell Owens (NFL Veteran and TV Personality), Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets), Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat), Abby Wambach (Olympic Gold Medalist, Professional Soccer star magicJacks) and Damien Woody (NFL Veteran, ESPN NFL Analyst);
  • and Nickelodeon favorites – SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer and more.

For more information, go to World Wide Day of Play for specific information about the location, schedules and how to create your own local WWDOP. Follow the WWDOP on twitter @NickDayofPlay for real time updates or via Nickelodeon’s Mobile Site.


Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play
Saturday, September 24th :: 10 am to 4 pm
The Ellipse on the National Mall – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Cost: Free

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 The H Street Festival 2011. One Street. One City.

Festivals are such an intrinsic part of the summertime experience and East coast festivals are the best. This Saturday, September 14th from 12 noon to 7 pm one of DC’s biggest, fastest growing festivals will take place – The H Street Festival.

09.14.11 - h street festival cropped

In it’s 7th year, the H Street Festival continues to grow bigger and better. Held on H St., NE between 8th and 14th streets, the festival showcases the unique qualities of the vibrant H Street NE Corridor, and with 6 stages, a fashion show, a dog beach, and arts, crafts & food vendors, there will be plenty to experience and see. Suggestion – get there early. With so many activities for attendees to see, do and participate in – festival goers will need the full 7 hours to truly enjoy the diverse features of the festival. Some of the highlighted events and attractions at the festival include:

  • Six live performance stages including the 8th Street Stage, Kids Zone Stage, 14th Street Stage, 11th Street Outdoor DJ Stage, Captain Morgan Kostume Karaoke Stage and Little Miss Whiskey’s Indoor Stage with over 30 musical and dance performances
  • A Fashion show and the Ink + Ego tattoo competition sponsored by Brittish Ink and Gallery OonH
  • The Kids’ Zone featuring activities by Living Classrooms, the Museum of Unnatural History, Guitars Not Guns, and more
  • The Adult Games area featuring DC United, DC Rollergirls, Washington Nationals, the Captain Morgan Kostume Karaoke Stage, an officially sanctioned boxing ring and more
  • A dog beach sponsored by Metro Mutts and Spot On Training
  • Over 20 extended restaurant patios serving the finest foods and craft beers featured in the wide array of H Street restaurants and bars
  • A special Green Street exhibit, sponsored by Taurus Development, showcasing the latest and greatest in green living
  • A speed chess challenge, Chinese dragon dancers, arts & crafts vendors and an entire fleet of food trucks
  • A larger than life Boombox shaped DJ booth featuring some of the hottest DJs on the east coast

As for the stages – the line-up’s can be summed up in one word – Wow! Daniel Mushala is the special host on The 8th Street stage, sponsored by Steuart Investment Co’s 360 Degrees H Street and Stella Artois. The stage features Chuchito Valdés(afro-cuban latin jazz, bebop, danzon, cha-cha-cha, son montuno) as the evening’s headliner artist, and will include performances by Michelle Raymond Band (acoustic pop); the Rio Garage Band (afro brazilian); Black Alley & Phil Ade (go go jazz & hip hop) and more.

The Captain Morgan Kostume Karaoke Stage on 12th Street is sure to please both performers and onlookers. Sign up, dress up and deliver your best karaoke performance to the stage. Bring your own fabulosity or choose from dozens of hats, wigs, props, outfits, and other assorted awesomeness in the kostume kloset. The 14th Street Stage will feature Boombox as the evening’s headliner artist and will include performances by Little Red and the Renegades (Zydeco); The Pocket (Reggae); Suttle Thoughts (Go-Go) and more. The Kids Zone Stage will include a Kids Bop sing along; H Street’s ‘Got Talent’; the Northeast Performing Arts Group; the Atlas Youth Chorus and more.

The Outdoor DJ Stage on 11th Street, presented by Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar, will feature some of New York’s top DJ’s, including: Krunk Pony; Sammy Needlz; Cosmo Baker (The Rub) and Stretch Armstrong (Plant Music). Little Miss Whiskey’s will also host an Indoor Stage from 12 noon to 2:30 am – inside Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar (1104 H Street, NE) featuring DJ’s Blake9; DJ Dredd; Stereo Faith; SHARKEY and more. With plenty of music, vendors, and performances – no matter what your age or interest, the H Street Festival will have plenty to do and something for everyone. So bring your friends, kids, family – in fact this year you can even find something to do for your dogs – and this DC Music Events Examiner will see you – on H Street!

For more information about the H Street Festival, you can visit their Website, FB Page, FB Event Page or on Twitter. Twitter hashtags: #HStNE #HStFest.


H Street Festival
Saturday, September 17th : 12 noon to 7 pm
H Street NE – between 8th and 14th Streets
Cost: Free

– END –

Current Source Link: https://knotmove.com/the-h-street-festival-2011-one-street-one-city/
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 Estelle “Leans & Rocks” with the Nation’s Capital – UK Style

08.20.11 - estelle cropped

Dynamic, energetic and refreshingly authentic are just a few words to describe Grammy-award winning recording artist Estelle. On Thursday night, The Park Live and Beny Blaq Entertainment presented Estelle, live in concert; granting Estelle fans access to the UK born singer-songwriter who is sweeping the world by storm.

Estelle first came onto the music scene in 2004 with her debut album “The 18th Day” and within weeks, her album was climbing the UK charts with 2 smash hits. 4 years later, Estelle teamed up with Kanye West on the single “American Boy”, and the rest, as they say, is history. American Boy peaked in the Top 10 charts worldwide – from the US to Canada to Israel to the UK to Belgium, American Boy was in the top 10 in an unprecedented number of countries and the single catapulted Estelle from being a hit in the UK, to international fame.American Boy received 10 award nominations – winning a Grammy, The 02 Silver Clef Award and a MOBO Award. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the single as # 7 in their “100 Best Songs” for 2008 and that same year, Estelle released her sophomore album, “Shine” – which went gold in the UK. In 2011, Estelle dropped her third album, “All of Me”, and the first single released in the US, “Break My Heart” featuring Rick Ross, is already climbing the charts and receiving considerable radio airplay.

An impressive journey for a young singer, but even more impressive is her live performance. Estelle exudes an authenticity that is evident and infectious from the moment she hits the stage. She is clearly an artist with star status but down to earth qualities. “I apologize for being late”, Estelle shared with the audience in her heavy British accent, “but I just flew in from LA and they lost my luggage. I could do without my outfit, yeah, but my shoes. If they take my shoes, that’s beef.” And without missing a beat, she asked the crowd, “You gonna vibe with me“, which came across as less of a question and more of a ‘now that we’ve got that out the way – let’s jam’. And jam she did. Estelle opened her set with “Just a touch” and “No Substitute Love”, and then she took a few moments to interact with her fans. “So if you’re in here and single, ladies, you do a dance like this“, Estelle demonstrates, “to the guys. And fella’s if you’re single, your dance is like this“. Estelle had a dance for everyone – the single ladies, the single men, the couples. She even brought Big Tigger, host of The Big Tigger Morning Show on 95.5 WPGC-FM, on stage to demonstrate a few of Estelle’s “single lady” moves. She follow-up the dance demonstration with a very important message for her fans – “This aint a ‘look at Estelle’ party, this is a have some fun party“; and fun is exactly what was had.

Come over” (feat. Sean Paul), a mellow reggaeton type of track put fans in a relaxed mood, but it was the next song, “Freak” (feat. Kardinal Offishall), that turned up the heat in The Park. An up-tempo house-esque track that includes a hook sample from Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life” was definitely a favorite among Estelle fans. And with the finesse of an artist who knows how to deliver on stage, Estelle did not pause a beat before launching into her Grammy winning hit single, “American Boy“. Clearly a crowd favorite, it seemed every person in the Park was singing every lyric, beat for beat, with Estelle. In fact, it seemed that Estelle noticed it and allowed her fans to show her a thing or two, by allowing the crowd to sing the song without her. And sing they did – DC fans did not miss a word, beat or note of the song – at that point, they were singing Estelle’s song, to Estelle and she genuinely seemed tickled, humbled and grateful all at the same time.

Thank you“, Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” and “Break my Heart” *(feat. Rick Ross) closed out her set and it seemed that Estelle and her fans alike, loved every minute of her performance. As the music began to fade on the final song, Break My Heart, Estelle kind of kept going, repeating “Just lean with it, just rock with it.“, and then she stated “I freakin’ love you guys!!“, leaving the stage as the crowd continued to applaud. It was evident that as a singer, Estelle brings authenticity to her craft. She engages the audience with a polite demand that the fans engage back, and tonight at the Park on 14th, her audience definitely engaged back – tenfold.

After the show I sat down with Estelle for a few moments to talk musical collaborations, family and more…..


Question: You’ve collaborated with some of the best in the business: Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, David Guetta, Robin Thicke, Gucci Mane and Rick Ross to name a few. Who was one of the most memorable to work with and who would you like to work with in the future?

Estelle: David Guetta was one of the most memorable, it was such a good vibe, it fit so nice. He wanted to work with me and that’s a big thing, and it was like, you know, he wanted to work with me and I was like “Oh my God, you know my name”. He’s sweet. It was just a whole moment like wow, people are really starting to get where I’m coming from as an artist.

In the future, I’d love to work with Mary J Blige, I love her. I’d love to work with Monica, and I’d love to work with Trina as well.


Question: You come from a large family, growing up you were influenced musically by your parents’ reggae albums and your aunts’ soul albums, but it was your uncle who introduced you to hip-hop. How influential has family been to your music and your performances on stage.

Estelle: Family is huge to me, I feel whatever is in my songs – we’ve all been through things. We all know what this feels like or that feels like, because we are all here singing along to it. I’m actually honored that people are on the same wavelength with me, for a long time I thought I was the outsider, the weird one. So when I sing and people say I’ve been through the same thing or I reacted the same way, I’m like, okay, I’m not crazy, they get it and they get me. It’s like indirectly we are part of this larger universal family and I like that.

As far as my family, they mean everything to me. I talk to my sister almost every day, we are so close it’s a problem. And I love people, I see fans on the street and they’re like “Hey Estelle, hello there, hey” and I love that feeling. I feel like there’s stardom, and that’s okay but I want people to feel like they can reach out to me, they understand what I’m going thru. Because that’s why I write the songs, I don’t write because I want to be famous, I write songs because people have told me ‘there’s something else here’ and I get that and understand that and that’s what makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I’m on my purpose. you know. So when I write and people react like that, the way they do – I’m like “I’m doing it right, I’m doing it right, I’m good”.


Question: You bring such high energy to your stage performance, where does that come from and why is it important for your fans to play their part?

Estelle: That’s all God. Like we all pray together before we get on stage. I’m like “I need you Holy Spirit, come and help us” and when we pray before we go on, I feel like He comes through every time. Sometimes I’m tired as hell, sometimes I can hardly sing. But the energy comes from somewhere, every time.

As far as the way I vibe with my fans, my thing is you paid your money to come and watch me sing. I’m not just going to sit here and sing at you. You’re going to have fun. I feel like, you’ve paid to come into a club or venue; you want to have fun, right? I don’t understand the “I’m just going to stare at you, whoa, well that was good“. No – I want them to feel like they left with something. Whenever I leave a show, and I’m a fan first, I like to feel like “I’ve left with something, so let me keep going, you know“. I feel inspired and like whatever I’m going through, life is good. And so I want my fans to feel that same thing, that inspiration, that good feeling, that something that lets them keep going too.


For more information on Estelle, visit her Website, follow her on Twitter, or “Like” her on Facebook.

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 “And the Point of It All” – In Concert with …. Anthony Hamilton

Six time Grammy nominee. Four official studio albums. Charlotte, North Carolina native. Singer, songwriter, producer. Spirit-filled, authentic, weaver of emotional words. “Amazing”. “Outrageous”. Father, husband, friend.

12.09.11 - anthony hamilton cropped

Wednesday night, R&B soul singer Anthony Hamilton did one of the things he does the best – transform an ordinary concert venue to an uplifting, spirit-filled, unforgettable life experience; and he did just that at the Fillmore, a newly opened Live Nation venue in Silver Spring, MD. Hamilton has an uncanny ability to not only speak to the human heart through his music, but he also brings something that music, for the most part, is a tad devoid of – a transformative transparency of life, love, God, triumph, pain and testimony. When on stage, Hamilton speaks his truth from the time the first band member hits the stage, to the first down beat, to his conversations with his audience, to his unique dance stylings, and down to the very last note. He is one of a kind and in the music world & the world in general we are lucky to have him – Mr. Anthony Hamilton.

Hamilton’s musical career unofficially started at the early age of 10 years old, singing in the church choir – an influence that is clearly evident in his live performances. However Hamilton’s early musical career was, as his bio indicates, a journey “that tested Hamilton’s patience and perseverance”. From 1993 to 2002, his journey would not be easy, but it was the hook that he sang on “Po’ Folks” by Nappy Roots in 2002, that would land him his first Grammy nomination and a new record label, Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def. In 2003, Coming From Where I’m From, Hamilton’s first studio album, was released and went platinum. Right behind that ground-breaking album was Ain’t Nobody Worryin’, which went gold – and the rest, as they say, is history. With over 15 Top 100 chart singles; countless award nominations including BET Awards, Critics Choice Awards, The Grammys, NAACP Image Awards, and the MOBO Awards; and collaborations that range from Al Green to 2Pac to Santana to John Rich of the musical duo Big & Rich to Buddy Guy to Jill Scott – Anthony Hamilton is not nearly as impressive on paper or on his albums, as he is on stage. However, let’s be clear – he is impressive on paper and on his albums … but on stage, it is something that you don’t even attempt to put your finger on, an experience that simply must be experienced. This may be my hardest review yet. Whoever coined the phrase “You had to be there” didn’t know it at the time, but subconsciously they had to have had Anthony Hamilton’s stage performance in mind.

There are a few “standards” when it comes to seeing Anthony Hamilton perform live. First, you can tell the folks who are seeing Hamilton for the first time. They don’t have the, we’ll call it a “love glow”, as the concert starts, but they get it midway through the concert; Second, Anthony is always sporting a fly chapeau; Third, The Band will blow you away; Fourth, Hamilton is charismatic – he dances solo, in choreographed moves with his band, he engages the crowd and when it’s time to go to ch’uch – there is no other better place for a music loving, spirit-filled, believer to be. To see him perform one or two songs at an awards show or on a talk show is not enough – you wouldn’t get the full effect of what happens at a performance and at the Fillmore on Wednesday night, Anthony Hamilton performed, entertained, shared, ministered, consoled, energized and “tore the roof off” the Fillmore for almost 2 hours. Music fans – trust, it simply doesn’t get much better than that.

Hamilton started out his set with an Intro and Sucka For You. Always in what I term “his signature hat & vest look”, this evening he was particularly dapper with the gray tones, off set with red & white. Fly gray tweed-ish vest with the chain, gray jacket & gray hat with red & white band and “clean” red & white shoes (were they velvet?) lets you know that Hamilton has arrived, and not in the implied “arrived equals success”, but in a way that lets you know there is going to be some authenticity happening on that stage tonight. An air of being effortlessly meticulous is the only way to describe it.

The charisma with which Anthony Hamilton performs is simply a momentum of energy that has to be witnessed as he launched into Writing On The Wall, Cool and Comin From Where I’m From. And just like that, Hamilton goes from performer, to friend, to the man who doesn’t miss a thing. An audience member must have asked for his hat, because the next thing to come thru the microphone was “Gimme your hat. Let’s swap”. Authentic Hamilton. Fashion. Love. Spirituality. Best Of Me, a song off his latest upcoming project – Back To Love, was next and Hamilton shared that Sucka For You and Writing on the Wall were also singles off the new album. From there Hamilton went into a medley of songs including Southern Stuff, The Truth, Better Days, Never Love Again and Float – and midway through the medley, it started. Hamilton encouraged the audience to put their hands in the air and if you’ve seen Hamilton before, you know it’s about that time – time to “go to church”. Going to Church is signature Anthony Hamilton and anyone who has been to his concert knows exactly what that means, and when the band played the first few bars of Float, the crowd went bananas and not just on Float, but especially on this song, the band was impeccable note after note and the guitar solo was literally beyond words. It was a good thing they were handing out Hamilton Church Fans as patrons walked in, they were definitely right on time because it was getting “hot in the Fillmore”. And then it went to yet another level.

One thing about Anthony Hamilton in concert, you just keep climbing, song after song, story after story, testimony after testimony, level after level. The next level (didn’t forget) – the background singers hit a few lines of Prince’s Insatiable. Well what did they go and do that for. Hamilton’s trio of all male background singers: James “J-Vito” Tillman, Corey “2-E” Williams, and Jack “JK” King put the “second level stank” on an already amazing concert and then the all male ensemble really began to “go to work” Anthony Hamilton style. Point Of It All, one of Hamilton’s more popular songs, followed by a few bars of Prince’s Adore courtesy of J-Vito, 2-E, and JK, and just like that, it went from a “lovers mood” to down home, southern style Chu’ch in a way that only Hamilton can, “I aint gonna hold you long tonight”, he said. “But this is my family up here and we get down together.” And get down they did. Hamilton’s “Family” includes Musical Director Kenny Leonard on Keys; Lamont McCann on Bass; Darnell “Showcase” Taylor on Guitar; Richard Jenkins on Drums; Evan Brice on Keyboard; and Tillman, Williams and King on Background Vocals (along with Wesley Copeland on Monitors, Eric Jones at FOR & Greg Black) – and as Hamilton and Family launched into Prayin For You and Pray For Me – both songs brought the house down in the Fillmore that night. Prayin For You has a twangy, southern bayou feel to it and once Hamilton brought out the tambourine, and a few of the band members, along with Hamilton and the background singers did what felt like a front line version of a New Orleans “second line” there was nothing left to do but take heed to the instructions mid-song, “You better put your hands together”. As Hamilton sung, “You gotta give it away”, and the background vocals responded “Prayer”, and the audience clapped – the Fillmore was full-tilt boogie on a spiritual journey. There is a spiritual element that is true Hamilton and it shines through in each and every concert performance. It’s bona fide and unapologetic – a testimony by a man who knows the importance of letting the world know about his “God walk”.“Here, home, bus – I’ll never come without making His (God’s) presence known – I ain’t ashamed about it,” Hamilton shared with his new Fillmore spiritual family and if the audience is any indication, Pray for me, written by Hamilton and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, promises to be another Hamilton fan favorite.

Cant Let Go, Woo and Charlene wrapped up the concert and fans politely filed out the Fillmore as Hamilton left the stage, however a few hundred fans weren’t ready to leave yet. They chanted, hollered, whistled and clapped for what had to be at least 8 to 10 minutes. About 2/3rd of the Fillmore had already left the venue, and then a most interesting thing happened. One of the background singers came back on stage, which sent the remaining crowd into a seriously massive frenzy. It sounded like the Fillmore was back to capacity. As the band began to file back on stage, it was hard to believe, that after performing for a solid hour and 25 minutes and the “break” during which the crowd chanted without ceasing, that Hamilton would come back – but come back he did. And the audience went bananas once again. “Y’all know I normally do this song with a certain lady, but she’s not here tonight, so do you think you all can sing her part?”, Hamilton asked the audience and he got his answer, a resounding “Yes!!”, as the band launched into So In Love, and on that night, those that refused to leave without hearing just one more song from Anthony Hamilton, sang one of the most intimate duets this writer has ever seen.

Anthony Hamilton’s latest CD, Back to Love drops this Tuesday, December 13th. For more information on all things Anthony Hamilton, visit Anthony Hamilton and follow him on Twitter.

– END – 

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 The 2011 NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert at the Strathmore

Since 1982, The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) National Heritage Awards have been honoring some of the most renown men and women in our country’s folk and traditional arts.

09.22.11 - nea national heritage concert cropped

Friday night, the NEA will honor the 2011 National Heritage Fellows at the Music Center at Strathmore. The NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert is a free concert that celebrates American folk artists for their contributions to our national cultural mosaic. For 30 years, the National Heritage Awards Concert has featured recipients of the nation’s highest honor in the folk and tradition arts. This year’s celebration will not only feature the 2011 honorees including: a saxophonist playing Bulgarian wedding music, Taiko drummers, and Mardi Gras Indians in full regalia; but it will also feature Warner Williams, a Piedmont Blues musician who grew up in Takoma Park, MD and currently resides in Gaithersburg, MD. Mr. Williams is a guitarist and songwriter who spent his entire career in Maryland and is a master of the Piedmont blues, an art form unique to this region.

Modeled after the Japanese “National Living Treasures” concept, and as part of its efforts to honor and preserve our nation’s diverse cultural heritage, the NEA annually awards one-time-only National Heritage Fellowships for master folk and traditional artists. These fellowships are intended to recognize the recipients’ artistic excellence and support their continuing contributions to our nation’s traditional arts heritage. The 2011 Fellows were honored with a Capitol Hill Awards Ceremony, on Wednesday, September 21st at the U.S Capitol Visitors Center. NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman and Members of Congress were on hand to present the Fellowship Awards to the recipients and Folklorist Jim Griffith was presented with the Bess Lomax Hawes NEA National Heritage Fellowships award for his significant contributions to the preservation and awareness of cultural heritage. Friday night, at the Music Center at Strathmore, the celebration will continue with the Fellowships Concert, which starts at 8 pm. The event will be webcast live as well.

This years 2011 NEA National Heritage Fellows are:

  • Quilter Laverne Brackens from Fairfield, TX
  • Mardi Gras Indian Chief Bo Dollis from New Orleans, LA
  • Taiko drum leaders Roy and PJ Hirabayashi from San Jose, CA
  • Slack key guitarist Ledward Kaapana from Kaneohe, HI
  • Old Regular Baptist singer Frank Newsome from Haysi, VA
  • Frame drum player and percussionist Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro from Los Angeles, CA
  • Piedmont blues songster Warner Williams from Gaithersburg, MD
  • Bulgarian saxophonist Yuri Yunakov from Bloomfield, NJ
  • Folklorist Jim Griffith from Tuscon, AZ

Tickets for the event are available at the Strathmore Box Office, you can watch the Live Webcast at 8 p.m, and join in the conversation on twitter – using the hashtag #NEAHeritage.

Note: All unclaimed tickets will be released 15 minutes before the concert. A stand-by line will begin at 7:00 p.m.


NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert
Friday, Sept. 23rd at 8 pm
The Music Center at Strathmore (5301 Tuckerman Lane; Bethesda, MD)
Cost: Free (but tickets are required)
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 Love has no Recession – an intimate chat with Kindred The Family Soul

08.19.11 - kindred cropped

In the music industry, there are artists who leave an indelible mark on the soul.  These artists create music that is timeless, raw, honest and simply beautiful. Tonight I had the opportunity to sit down with a duo whose entire catalogue of music embraces and embodies those very tenets and more – Kindred The Family Soul. Kindred’s DC fans were afforded a very special opportunity Thursday evening as Gypsy Soul with The Flow + Madison Davenport presented SOULCIALIZE with Kindred The Family Soul, a free meet and greet held at Ben’s Next Door on U St. Kindred recently released their 4th album “Love has no Recession”, and they are in town for three performances – the Birchmere on Friday, August 19th (sold out) and Rams Head on Stage in Annapolis on Saturday, August 20th (the 8:30 show is sold out, but a 5:30 show has been added) – and tonight was a rare experience. Fans were able to hang out, have CD’s signed, take photos and “Soulcialize” with what has to be one of the hottest “husband and wife” teams currently in the music business; and the press was given a rare opportunity sit one-on- one with Aja Graydon and Fatin Dantzler – better known to all as Kindred The Family Soul.


Question: Let’s start with your great online reality show “6 is it!” What prompted you all to “live out loud” with a TV program?

Fatin: It was just the question that we get all the time from so many journalists and fans – “How do yall do it, you’re married, you work together, yall sing together, and you have all these kids.” And so we decided to do the show to give the fans an opportunity to see what our life is really like, away from the concerts, music videos and photo shoots. We shied away from doing it with a network, so that like our music, we could have creative control. It’s just us taping ourselves, and it’s great because it’s like a moving photo album and the fans get an opportunity to see “us”.

Aja: We also believed in the fact that we had a unique fan base and they felt a kinship to our story and connecting to us. And the show helps people to understand that their life is beautiful and that our life, even though it may seem like its glamorous, is more like your life, than it is like the things you may see on TV. And that validates it for people and gives people encouragement to think, “my life is fantastic, I don’t have to look at celebrities and think I have to look like that or I gotta have that in order to have a beautiful life.”


Question: Fatin, you started out writing for Bell Biv DeVoe and Pebbles, left the business for a while and returned as a performer. Did you always want to perform as opposed to writing?

Fatin: I did start out as a songwriter and producer and that pretty much was my introduction into the business, but I always wanted to be an artist as well. Most artists get thrown into the writing and producing thing because it kind of moves faster – I can name a few greats, like Ne-yo, who started out writing songs, but he always wanted to be “Ne-yo”. It’s just that the songs went a little faster than “Ne-yo, the artist.” Even Jill Scott, who, before she was a known as a singer, wrote a hook for Erykah Badu and from that, ends up singing with the Roots – which transforms her career.

But I was always an artist, I played instruments, and played with different groups, and so I’ve been prepped to be a musician all my life. Prepped to be in the position to be a recording artist for a very long time.


Question: Aja, DC is home for you. Is there a different feeling when you perform here and what are some of your “must do’s” when you’re in the city?

Aja: It definitely feels good (to be here & perform here), because I was always the kid that was trying to sing and so the vibe was “Thank God she made it because she’s been trying to do that for forever.” But when I perform here, it’s such a feeling of gratification because I’ve always wanted to perform and it has always been my dream.  Since I was 6 years old, I’ve wanted to perform. And performing is always such a wonderful feeling. With that said, I’ve also always had such an outpouring of support here. Always. Even when I moved and settled down in Philadelphia, I mean I haven’t lived here in over 13 years, I’m still embraced and celebrated as a DC native.

Whenever I come back here, I have to hit Eastern Market because that’s my neighborhood, my elementary school, the library, and Mr. Henry’s. I love going back to that neighborhood. That’s how I know I’m home.


Question: What are some of your favorite songs off the new project.

Aja: Well, he (Fatin) gave a good answer the other day to this, it does really changes with the tides and your mood. Right now, I’m really loving the more slow songs on the album, like 2 words, SOS, Sticking with you and Magic happens – I’m kind of like into the romance part of the album right now. But a few weeks ago, I was loving the up-tempo songs.


Question: “Honesty, sincerity, truth, love” is a maxim that you live by. Can you speak on that?

Fatin: That’s what I believe that we stand for. When people ask what are they going to get from the music that we make, I believe that that is what you get. That’s what we do our very best to pour into the music and into our art. We believe in karma, that what you throw out into the universe is what will come back to you, and we want to show case the better parts of ourselves and who we are.

Aja: And at the same time being honest and letting people see a wide range and good representation of those things when you listen to the albums. Beyond just our singles, you experience all of those things, not just love – but the arguments, breaking up, etc. We talk about a wide range of issues and emotions that go on between a man and woman. So I think it’s important to be honest, and that’s part of the mantra. Along with sincerity, truth and love – it’s definitely important.


Love has no Recession is the latest album – available on iTunes.

Click directly on the links for more information on Kindred the Family Soul; Kindred on Facebook; Kindred on Twitter, Their TV show – “6 is it!” or event organizers – Gypsy Soul.


Kindred The Family Soul

Birchmere (with Jay Hayden) – Friday, August 19th – SOLD OUT

Rams Head Annapolis (with Noel Gourdin) – Saturday, August 20th (2 shows)

– END – 

Current Source Link: https://joltleft.com/love-has-no-recession-an-intimate-chat-with-kindred-the-family-soul/
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 The Silopanna Music Festival – Annapolis’ Newest & Biggest Music Party

08.24.11 - silopanna cropped

Festivals are the epitome of a great summer experience. Great music, fantastic food, lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy and great vendors are the main components of a really great festival; and when new festivals come along, there’s always a level of excited anticipation. “What will the main attraction be?; Will there be activities for everyone?”, and if attendees really enjoy it, the question begs to be asked; “Will it come back next year?”. This Saturday, August 27th – Rams Head Promotions is intent on bringing “a 1 day music festival, for all ages, with 3 stages and 20 bands to feed your soul” to the Annapolis area – the inaugural Silopanna Music Festival at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds.

The Silopanna Music Festival will feature 20 national, regional and local acts on 3 stages; over 30 vendors and craftsman; misting tents; a gaming area with corn holes & dunking booths; free yoga session at 11 am; face painting; free parking and more. “We are incredibly excited to bring the Silopanna line-up to the Anne Arundel Fairgrounds and to host an event that we feel not only entertains the community, but benefits it as well,” said Erin Brunst McNaboe, Vice President of Rams Head Group. The partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Trust is just one of the ways that community focused components have become an integral part of the Silopanna Music Festival. Many of the festival vendors and craftsman are local Annapolis business, radio station 103.1 FM WRNR is a partner, Charm City yoga will lead the yoga session, and the unforgettable yet catchy festival name are just a few of the ways that the community is represented. “This festival is community driven in many ways and one the most common question that we are often asked is how we came up with the name Silopanna (pronounced Sil-o-panna). It’s very unique and we’ve gotten so many guesses as to the name, some even thought it had Native American origins, but it’s much more simple that than. Silopanna is Annapolis spelled backwards.” Now you cannot get more ‘community’ than that and with such fantastic community components coupled with some of the best dance punk, electro, soul, funk, jazz, rock, and indie pop music artists today, Silopanna is definitely on the “Top 10 Not to Miss” summer events list.

The festival line-up at Silopanna is extremely impressive for this first time festival. Silopanna will proudly feature national artists including: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Matt and Kim, Harper Blynn, Fitz and The Tantrums and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack; along with local/regional artists including: All Mighty Senators, Grilled Lincolns, jarflys, Sweet Leda, LAZERlibby and many more. “What’s really exciting about this lineup for us is the quality and depth of the acts. Each one of these performers shine live – their shows at our other venues have elicited such great responses for their energy and showmanship that they were handpicked for Silopanna,” said Rams Head booking agent Mark Mangold. Every artist or band performing at Silopanna has performed at one of Rams Head Promotions venues. Rams Promotions has been around since 1997 and with an average of over 600 shows a year over the past 14 years – the event organizers had their work cut out for them. It was not easy to whittle down the line up for Silopanna, with so many talented acts to choose from. However this line up quite frankly, knocks it out the park; for music lovers, Silopanna will cure what ails you.

In addition to everything the festival has to offer, there is also an “eco-friendly, green” component that is being introduced. Attendees are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles to cut down on the festivals plastic consumption footprint, they are also encouraged to carpool to the festival, along with a free yoga session at 11 am to kick off the festival, and the Festival has committed to a partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Trust. This partnership will help to raise funds and awareness to help the Bay and in turn help the environment. “At the Trust, we believe that getting people involved at the local level is a crucial element to improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay and our rivers,” said Allen Hance, executive director of the Chesapeake Bay Trust. “We are honored to partner with Rams Head to raise funds to help the Bay and increase awareness about what we can all do to become better stewards of the environment.”

Click here to purchase tickets.

For performance times, a festival map & a list of some of the featured vendors and craftsman, go to Silopanna Festival Update Information.

  • The Main Stage presented by Bud Light & Fordham Brewing will feature performances by Matt & Kim; Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue; and Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings as the Main Stage Headliner.
  • The B Stage presented by bthesite.com will feature performances by Sweet Leda; All Mighty Senators; and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack as the B Stage Headliner.
  • The Pavilion Stage will feature performances by Tobias Russell; jarflys and LAZERlibby as the Pavilion Stage Headliner.

Follow Silopanna on Facebook ; FB Event Page ; Twitter ; and on the main Website.

For more information on the Rams Head Group including Rams Head Live, Rams Head On Stage and other venues.


Silopanna Music Festival
Saturday, August 27th
Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds
Parking Lot opens @ 10:30am ; Box Office opens @ 11am ; Gates open @ 11:30am
The festival is all open to all ages.

– END –

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Silopanna Announces Set Times for Annapolis’ Biggest Music Festival Ever

Silopanna Music Festival set times were announced this week by Rams Head Promotions for the inaugural festival, which features a full day of the best new music on three stages. The fun will begin at 11:30 am at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds in Maryland on August 27th, 2011 with some of today’s most popular music acts headlining including Matt & Kim, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Fitz and The Tantrums, and Harper Blynn. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings will close the show.

1:50 Cris Jacobs (of The Bridge)
2:50 Harper Blynn
4:20 Fitz & The Tantrums
5:50 Matt & Kim
7:30 Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
9:30 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

12:30 Bond & Bentley
1:25 Sam Grow Band
2:30 Sweet Leda
3:45 Pasadena
5:15 The Grilled Lincolns
6:45 All Mighty Senators
8:30 Jimmie’s Chicken Shack

12:00 Pandomonia
1:00 Pressing Strings
2:00 Tobias Russell
3:10 Deep River
4:30 jarflys
6:00 Michael McHenry Tribe
7:45 LAZERlibby featuring Navid of Data Frogs

Annapolis-based Rams Head Promotions is producing the one-day festival at the fairgrounds with twenty regional and national musicians offering continuous live music featuring dance punk, electro, soul, funk, jazz, rock, and indie pop. “What’s really exciting about this lineup for us is the quality and depth of the acts. Each one of these performers shine live – their shows at our other venues have elicited such great responses for their energy and showmanship that they were handpicked for Silopanna!” said Mark Mangold , Rams Head booking agent for Silopanna Music Festival.

Patrons are encouraged to visit Silopannafest.com and become a fan on Facebook to receive up-to-the-minute talent and ticket information.

Tickets are on sale now, http://tickets.silopannafest.com. General Admission tickets are $39.50 plus tax & surcharge. VIP tickets which include open bar, dinner buffet, preferred parking, reserved shaded area and private bathrooms, are $195 plus tax & surcharge. Ticket prices increase day of show.

The Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds will come alive with 30 creative local vendors as well as a gaming area featuring corn hole, ladder golf, dunk tanks, face painting, hula hooping, misting tents, and more. Delicious food will be available from vendors as well as cold beverages, featuring beer from Fordham Brewing Company and Bud Light. Fordham Brewing Company will also debut Silopanna wit bier, a Belgian farmhouse ale named for the festival.

Parking is free and parking management will be handled by Annapolis based Towne Park , America ’s premier provider of valet parking, parking management, and hospitality staffing services.

Directions are available here.

Silopanna Music Festival 2011 sponsors include: 103.1 WRNR, Fordham Brewing Company, Bud Light, Finlandia Vodka, Jack Daniels and Monster Energy drink.


– All Mighty Senators, http://www.allmightysenators.com/
– Bond & Bentley, http://www.bondandbentley.com/
– Cris Jacobs (of The Bridge), http://www.myspace.com/crisjacobs
– Deep River, http://deeprivermusic.com/
– Fitz and The Tantrums, http://fitzandthetantrums.com
– Harper Blynn, http://www.harperblynn.com
– Jarflys, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jarflys/206850352686090
– Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, http://www.jimmieschickenshack.net/
– LAZERlibby featuring Navid of Data Frogs, http://www.lazerbitchmusic.com
– Matt and Kim, http://www.mattandkimmusic.com
– Michael McHenry Tribe, http://www.myspace.com/michealmchenrytribe
– Pandomonia, http://www.reverbnation.com/pandomonia
– Pasadena, http://www.thepasadenaband.com/
– Pressing Strings, http://www.pressingstrings.com/
– Sam Grow Band, http://samgrowband.com/
– Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, http://www.sharonjonesandthedapkings.com/
– Sweet Leda, http://www.sweetleda.com/
– The Grilled Lincolns, http://www.grilledlincolns.com/
– Tobias Russell, http://www.tobiasrussellmusic.com/
– Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, http://www.tromboneshorty.com/

– END – 

Current Source Link: https://joltleft.com/silopanna-announces-set-times-for-annapolis-bigget-music-festival-ever/
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 Electronic Music Fans rejoice!! IDentity Music Tour takes over Jiffy Lube Live

08.16.11 - identity fest cropped

Combine 29+ Major Electronic Dance Music Artists, 4 stages, an estimated 22,000 fans – add some sunlight, plenty of GLOWsticks – and stir. You, my friend, now have the perfect recipe for “IDentity” – the first ever touring electronic only music festival.

Presented by Live Nation and Glow, the IDentity Electronic Music Festival takes over Jiffy Lube Live on Thursday, August 18, 2011 with performances to include Kaskade, Rusko, Avicii, Steve Aoki, Disco Biscuits, DJ Shadow, Chuckie, Booka Shade, Datsik, Modeselektor, The Crystal Method, Nero, Chad Hugo (N.E.R.D), LA Riots, and many more…

IDentity is bringing a unique brand of “festival meets electronic music” to over 20 major outdoor amphitheatres in North America over the late summer months with a promise to “give fans the full electronic music experience”. The tour will travel during August and September 2011, and will stop in cities including Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Miami and Seattle. An exciting new concept in concerts for the electronic music fan, IDentity promises to not only deliver top-tier artists performing on multiple stages for a day sure to please electronic fans, but it is also in a prime position to further galvanize the electronic music explosion with it’s killer line up – concert after concert, city after city.

Let’s make no mistake – putting on an event of this magnitude is no small feat. Live Nation and Glow have teamed up with title sponsor, Skullcandy for a perfect, cross branding trifecta. “As a lifestyle brand that supports electronic music, we are excited to be a part of the inaugural IDentity Festival that features so many talented DJ’s in one place,” states Clarke Miyasaki VP Business Development & Marketing for Skullcandy – a worldwide distributor and developer of headphones and other audio accessories. “We look forward to interacting with Skullcandy enthusiasts and introducing our brand to a new audience.” Skullcandy is a leading audio brand that reflects the collision of the music, fashion and action sports lifestyles. The Skullcandy brand symbolizes youth and rebellion, and embodies the company’s motto “Every revolution needs a soundtrack.”

It seems Glow has it all – Live Nation, Skullcandy, the top DJ’s world wide. But Glow did not stop there – event organizers added an interesting feature in the DC market – the addition of the “Glow Local Stage” and a contest for local DJ’s. Local Electronic Dance Music DJ’s from DC, Maryland and Virginia were given a chance to enter to win an opportunity to perform at Glow. There was stiff competition and the DJ’s were chosen on some pretty strict rules and criteria: spin format – CD’s only, no vinyl, laptops, etc.; electronic dance music only – no hip-hop/top 40/mash-up; they had to have a clear fan following, no less than 10,000 people on their Facebook event invite; and DJ’s had to have industry experience. This opportunity was not for the “light weight newbie”, only seasoned DJ’s need apply. Who are the local DJ’s that will be performing at Glow? Join your local DC Music Events Examiner on Thursday at Jiffy Lube Live to find out!

From noon to 11 pm, electronic music fans will bask in the glow of some of their favorite DJ’s – international, national, cutting-edge and local. The Skullcandy Stage will include performances by: Kaskade, Markus Schulz * (just added), Rusko, and Avicii; the Dim Mak Stage will include performances by: Steve Aoki, DJ Shadow, The Crystal Method, Hercules And Love Affair (Live), and Holy Ghost (Live) and the Beatport Stage will include performances by: Steve Lawler, Manufactured Superstars, Whiteshadow, and Chad Hugo.

Tickets (General Admission and Pit; VIP tickets are sold out) are still available through Ticketmaster and at Jiffy Lube Live Box Office – to purchase tickets online: http://www.clubglow.com/tickets/


IDentity Electronic Music Festival
Thursday, August 18 – Noon to 11 pm
Jiffy Lube Live – Bristow, VA
Ticket Prices Vary

For up-to-date information about IDentity, ticket information and full artist lineups in each tour city – visit http://www.IDFestival.com.

Follow the Identity Music Festival: IDF on Facebook or IDF on Twitter.

– END –

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The Strathmore presents The Ives Project honoring musical icon Charles Ives

“When considering seminal creators in American history, Ives is one of the most interesting subjects. He’s an innovator, an American original who embodies so many of the ideals we claim as culturally significant. His compositions were essential in defining, and revolutionizing, American music. Through its Celebrating American Composers series, Strathmore applauds the unparalleled contributions of this most exceptional composer.” – Eliot Pfanstiehl, Strathmore Founder and CEO.

11.02.11 - the ives project cropped

This weekend the Strathmore and Post-Classical Ensemble will present a weekend dedicated to the work of one of America’s most transformational composers – Charles Ives – including concerts, performances, workshops and discussions with experts including renowned piano virtuoso Jeremy Denk and baritone William Sharp. A part of the Strathmore’s Celebrating American Composers series, a sweeping year-long exploration of the dynamic talents and innovations that have shaped American music and its diverse genres, and as an encore to its ambitious Stravinsky Project in 2010 – The Strathmore, in partnership with Post-Classical Ensemble, will embark on The Ives Project, a cross-disciplinary three-day exploration of the work, life, influences and impact of the iconic New Englander Charles Ives from Thursday, November 3 through Saturday, November 5, 2011. This immersive experience will convene actors, scholars and musicians, including two of the most eminent exponents of Ives’ music—the pianist Jeremy Denk and baritone William Sharp—to tell the story of Ives through live performances, rare recordings, readings from his private diary and letters and expert lectures.

An irrefutably transformative force in American music and innovative composer, Ives had little public exposure during his career and remains relatively obscure to the concert-going public. “Though regarded by many as America’s pre-eminent concert composer, Ives remains little-known to the concert-going public”, Post-Classical Ensemble Artistic Director Joseph Horowitz shared. “His music retains an esoteric taint. In part, this results from its belated discovery by modernists who cherished complexity. Today, in post-modern times, the opportunity is ripe to rediscover Ives as a turn-of-the-century Connecticut Yankee rooted in Transcendentalism and Progressivism – a product, however original, of his own time and place.”

The Ives Project runs this weekend – November 3-5, 2011 at the Strathmore in Bethesda, MD and will include the following events:

  • Ives Masterclass with Jeremy Denk — Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 4 p.m.; Location: Mansion at Strathmore; Admission: Free (tickets required);Piano virtuoso and, “One of the best pianists of his generation” (Denver Post), Jeremy Denk, will guide piano students in the intricacies of performing Ives’ music and mainstays of the American repertoire.
  • Ives Plays IvesThursday, November 3, 2011 at 5:30 p.m.; Location: Mansion at Strathmore; Admission: Free (tickets required);Post-Classical Ensemble Artistic Director Joseph Horowitz and pianist Jeremy Denk present and discuss rare recordings of Ives performing his own music.
  • Charles Ives: A Life in Music (Concert) — Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 8 p.m.; Location: Music Center at Strathmore; Admission: Tickets $15 – $25 (Stars Price $13.50–$22.50); Featuring Jeremy Denk, piano; William Sharp, baritone; Carolyn Goelzer and Floyd King, actors; Post-Classical Ensemble with Angel Gil-Ordóñez, conductor; written and directed by Joseph Horowitz; This theatrical concert weaves music and readings from the composer’s essays and letters in a guided tour through this American original’s life and work—his passionate courtship, his fierce Transcendentalism and his cranky politics. An original script written by Joseph Horowitz helps to define the composer’s life through his relationships with close confidantes, peers and family. This event includes a post-concert discussion with artists and scholars. Performance features Jeremy Denk, piano; William Sharp, baritone; Floyd King and Carolyn Goelzer, actors; and Post-Classical Ensemble with conductor Angel Gil-Ordóñez.
  • Beethoven and Ives — Friday, November 4, 2011 at 8 p.m.; Location: Music Center at Strathmore; Admission: Tickets $15 – $45 (Stars Price $13.50-$40.50); Featuring Jeremy Denk, piano and William Sharp, baritone; Hailed at its 1939 premiere as “the greatest music composed by an American, and the most deeply and essentially American” (New York Herald-Tribune), the four movements of Ives’ landmark Concord Sonata are dedicated to iconic New England literary figures Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau and the Alcotts. This performance of the work incorporates readings by these great voices of American literature. In tribute to Ives’ lifelong admiration for Beethoven, the concert concludes with Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier” Sonata. The performance features Jeremy Denk, piano and William Sharp, reader. Audience members can join a post-concert discussion with the artists.
  • Interpreting Ives — Saturday, November 5, 2011 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.; Location: Music Center at Strathmore – Room 402; Admission: Tickets $15 (Stars Price $13.50); 3:30 – 4:30 pm: Lecture/performance with Joseph Horowitz on Ives and the 21st Century; Jeremy Denk on Ives and Beethoven ~~ 4:30 – 5:15 pm: Reception and mingling with the artists ~~ 5:15 – 6:30 pm: Tom Owens on Ives’ letters; William Sharp performs and discusses the parlor sources of Ives’ songs; In this intimate immersion experience, definitive Ives authorities Joseph Horowitz, Jeremy Denk, Tom Owens and William Sharp build an understanding and image of the celebrated composer by exploring his relevance in the 21st century and relationship to revolutionary musical predecessors.
  • Ives and Other InnovatorsSaturday, November 5, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.; Location: Mansion at Strathmore; Admission: Tickets $30 (Stars Price $27); Featuring compositions by Philip Glass, Julia Wolfe, Charles Ives and Caleb Burhans. Known for its “viscerally exciting performances” (The New York Times), the JACK Quartet is dedicated to presenting bold new music. The intrepid ensemble performs the music of Ives juxtaposed with works by contemporary composers. The performance also includes a post-concert discussion with the artists.

For additional information visit The Ives Project at Strathmore. To purchase tickets, visit The Strathmore or call (301) 581-5100.


– Strathmore and Post-Classical Ensemble Present The Ives Project

– Thursday, November 3 through Saturday, November 5, 2011 (Times Vary)

– The Music Center at Strathmore : 5301 Tuckerman Lane or The Mansion at Strathmore : 10701 Rockville Pike (North Bethesda, MD 20852)

– Times, Prices and Locations Vary – Be sure to check the Ives Project schedule

– END –

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 Win a Neuro VIP prize pack to Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic Tour this weekend!!

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DC is simply one of the greatest cities. You never know what may happen or who will be there and in the blink of an eye, you can go from sitting at home, just minding your business…. to being at the Emotional Traffic Tour with one of country music’s hottest artists, Tim McGraw with Luke Bryan and The Band Perry at Jiffy Lube Live this coming Saturday night!

Tim McGraw is country music; there is simply no other way to put it. Twenty-one # 1 hit singles on the Billboard charts, 3 Grammys, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 11 CMA’s, 10 American Music Awards, 3 Peoples Choice Awards, 11 consecutive albums have debuted at # 1 on the Billboard charts, and this weekend Tim will bring his charisma, charm and his reputation for being the best there is in County music to Jiffy Lube Live. For County music fans, this is the concert you want to attend, and if you don’t have your tickets yet, there may be an option you haven’t explored – Neuro & Tim McGraw have teamed up to bring you something really unique.

The folks at Neuro tell me that Tim is a big fan of Neuro and that he loves NeuroSleep™ , a delicious functional beverage drink formulated with ingredients to help promote restful sleep, relaxation, calming and apparently reduces jet lag. And so to highlight the relationship between Tim & Neuro, they are giving away a prize pack to Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic Tour. The winner will receive a pair (two tickets) to the concert, a Neuro prize pack and – hold on – exclusive access to a pre-show party that will feature a private performance by Tim McGraw. (I think I just heard Tim McGraw fans across the DC area suck all the air of the room!!)

So if you are a Tim McGraw fan & you’d love a chance to see him in concert, then this is what you should do: go to Neuro’s Facebook or Twitter pages, “Like” or “Follow” Neuro and then answer the VIP Prize Pack contest question: “What keeps you up at night?”. You have to submit both a written, as well as photo, response to qualify. I’m sensing that some of you reading this are having your own “Emotional Traffic” Jam as you scramble to grab a bottle of Neuro Sleep & start drafting your reply. And you want to get to replying as soon as possible – the contest ends Thursday, August 11th.

But what a great opportunity for Tim McGraw fans and how exciting to read an article, gather information about an upcoming music event and get the opportunity to win a pair of concert tickets to see one of the most talented artists in music today.

The Emotional Traffic Tour: Tim McGraw with Luke Bryan and The Band Perry

Jiffy Lube Live – Bristow, VA

Saturday, August 11th – 7 pm


The fine print:

  • Travel, transportation or accommodations will not be provided.
  • Tickets will be left at will call on the day of show under the winners name and can be claimed anytime after 5pm on Saturday (day of show). Pre-show admittance starts at 5:30 pm; arrive no later than 6:15 pm to attend the pre-show. Main Stage concert starts at 7 pm.
  • Neuro will notify prize winners direct.
  • Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and hold no monetary value.

– END –

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 Dog Days of Summer Roof Terrace BBQ & Brew Bash with DJ Raskal of Fort Knox Five

The Kennedy Center presents

Dog Days of Summer Roof Terrace BBQ & Brew Bash

Thursday August 25th, 2011

7pm – 11pm

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Roof Terrace Restaurant & Bar at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts invites you to wash away the work week with a few beers and BBQ favorites. Guests, all you have to do is bring friends who like to groove and the Roof Terrace will provide the brews, brats and beats.

Reservations are required; however, business attire is not. A “Come as you are / No fancy dress required” dress code – office attire is fine, but jeans, shorts, tees, tanks and flip-flops are encouraged as well.

Dog Days of Summer Roof Terrace BBQ & Brew Bash features:

  • The finest brews are being provided by Old Dominion Brewing Co., Fordham Brewing Co., Port City Brewing and DC Brau, including hop driven IPA’s, Hefeweizens, Amber Ales and more!
  • Executive Chef Joe Gurner will be manning the open-pit BBQ grills on the restaurants’ wrap-around terrace.
  • Sommelier John Coco will pour the drinks.
  • DC’s own DJ RASKAL of Fort Knox Five and Thunderball will be spinning the tunes on the decks all on top of the Kennedy Center’s outdoor Roof Terrace with panoramic views of the city.

$40 per person gets you all you can eat and drink plus prizes given out all night long, so if you like BBQ, cold brews and funky beats – the Roof Terrace Restaurant may be just the place for you tonight.

Reservations are requested (but not required) by calling the Roof Terrace Restaurant at 202.416.8555 or logging on to Open Table. Patrons can also pay at the door.


Dog Days of Summer is part of Roof Terrace Restaurant’s monthly Wine & Cultural Celebration Series, in which patrons are invited to experience wines, beers or spirits of a
particular type or region, paired with food and entertainment.

– END –

Current Source Link: https://joltleft.com/dog-days-of-summer-roof-terrace-bbq-brew-bash-with-dj-raskal-of-fort-knox-five/
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 Chrisette Michele brings a “Treat” to a special Halloween Edition of “Unplugged”

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The music industry is an interesting anomaly. Artist often come and go; the term “one hit wonder” came about because of the artists who would have one hit and never be heard of again; groups get together, break up, form new groups; some artists have the talent, but not the stage presence – have the skill, but not the exposure – or have the look but cannot their way out of a paper bag.

Chrisette Michele is none of these things. She is a consummate performer, her voice is consistent & flawless and her stage presence, from day one, has always been authentic and commanding. To know her is to know that she is a private person, her family means everything and she takes the music business and her craft very, very seriously. But to see her on stage is simply a treat. She loves her fans, engages with her audience and is both humble and powerfully confident all at the same time. On Friday, October 28th – Beny Blaq Entertainment and The Park at 14th presented a special Halloween Edition of “The Park Unplugged” featuring Chrisette Michele.

One thing that makes Chrisette Michele a true singer is that she rarely performs without a band and her Unplugged performance at the Park was no exception. Chrisette fans packed the 3rd floor of the Park much in the same way they have done for past performers like Faith Evans, Estelle, Raheem DeVaughn, and Tank – to name a few. Beny Blaq Entertainment brings the best performers each and every week to “The Park Unplugged” and Friday night was no exception.

Chrisette took to the stage in a fashion much like her personality, quiet and unassuming, but once she takes hold of the mic – her consummate performer side takes over, and take over she did. Chrisette opened with “Epiphany”, a crowd favorite and then slowed it down with her hit ballad; “Blame It On Me” – following up with “Golden”. Chrisette asked the crowd, “Are you grown & sexy? This is for the sexy folks” as she launched into “If I Had My Way” – a personal Chrisette Michele favorite. And as she ended the song, Chrisette did something that you would not often see in her early career performances – she showed off a bit with her phenomenal vocal range/ability and it real spoke volumes to how much she has evolved as a vocalist. It was definitely a “you had to be there moment” and it felt like she had studied, practiced and “channeled” a few of “the greats” – Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Minnie Ripperton and Nina Simone as she took us on a musical journey of simply sound. And it was wonderful.

“I have to tell a secret”, Chrisette shared. “DC always has shown me so much love …. And I’m literally working on a 4th album”. Chrisette shared that she had been in the studio and when she left DC, she would be returning to the studio to work on the new project. And then Chrisette shut the Park down as she performed a gospel favorite, Richard Smallwood’s “Total Praise”. Chrisette’s roots are in the church and her faith is a huge part of who she is as a person, so it was refreshing to see her infuse gospel music into her performance. Her final song of the night, “What You Do”, had the heads bopping from side to side, as the audience sang along; and toward the end of the song, Chrisette decided to go sing background vocals and let her background vocalist take the lead.

It was a perfect way to kick off the Halloween weekend.

It is always a “Treat” when Chrisette Michele comes to DC.

– END –

Current Source Link: https://lodeplus.com/chrisette-michele-brings-a-treat-to-a-special-halloween-edition-of-unplugged/
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 America’s Got Talent Auditions hit the Nations Capital this weekend

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Washington DC – do you think you have talent? So many talented folks have come out of the Washington, DC area – John Phillip Sousa, Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye, Peter Tork (of the Monkees), The Thievery Corporation and Van McCoy (who wrote the 1970’s hit “The Hustle”) – are all proud, talented Washingtonians. As well, famous talented folks like Al Jolson, Ahmet Ertegun (founder of Atlantic Records), Meshell Ndegeocello, Nils Lofgren (guitarist for Bruce Springsteen), country music legend Roy Clark, Joan Jett and Bo Diddley have called our Nation’s Capital “home” at some point in their lives. Well on November 4th & 5th at the Washington Convention Center – if you think you have what it takes to take it all the way on NBC’s America’s Got Talent (AGT), then you need to make sure you sign up and show up this weekend for the AGT open casting call auditions.

Contestant hopefuls will have 90 seconds to show off their talent for the AGT touring team of judges. You can be any age and you can show any type of talent. According to my source at AGT, “We want to see anything and everything. Don’t miss your chance to show America YOUR talent and compete for the opportunity of a lifetime at winning the Grand Prize of $ 1 million dollars!”, and contestants are encouraged to pre-register for their audition at AGT Auditions.

Season 7 is sure to be as unforgettable as the first six seasons. AGT is conducting open casting calls in New York City (NY), St. Louis (MO), Washington DC, Tampa Bay (FL), Anaheim (CA), Austin (TX), and Charlotte (NC) for the upcoming season. “America’s Got Talent” auditions are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for performers across the country to showcase their talents in 90 seconds to series’ producers in the hopes of being able to take the stage in front of the judges and all of America as they share their unique talent with television audiences nationwide.

“America’s Got Talent,” hosted by Nick Cannon, stars Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan as the panel of celebrity judges, is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of aspiring stars, including singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians and ventriloquist, all vying for their chance to strut and perform on stage hoping to win America’s hearts – and the $1 million prize.


America’s Got Talent Casting Call Auditions


Date: Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6

Registration: 8 a.m.- 7 p.m

Location: Washington, D.C. Convention Center; 801 Mt. Vernon Place, NW; Washington, D.C. 20001

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 Tonights 3rd Annual Mo’ Than Jazz Sickle Cell Benefit Concert features DC’s own

Urban Jazz Harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet and Ethiopian-born signer/songwriter & Grammy Nominee Wayna will lend their musical talents, as they unveil a collaborative Sickle Cell Anthem song, at the “3rd Annual Mo’ Than Jazz Sickle Cell Benefit Concert” featuring performances by Frédéric Yonnet, Wayna & Adoration – tonight at the Florida Avenue Baptist Church.

11.19.11 - mo than jazz sickle cell benefit concert cropped

It is always a wonderful thing when talented, nationally recognized artists give of their time and talents to bring attention to a worthy cause. It’s even more impactful when artists who reside in the DC area, take the time out of their busy touring and work schedules to give back to the DC community. Tonight at the Florida Avenue Baptist Church, national recording artists, Urban Jazz Harmonicist & Stevie Wonder protégée Frédéric Yonnet and Ethiopian-born signer/songwriter & Grammy Nominee Wayna, will join the Florida Ave Baptist Church’s choir Adoration for a benefit concert to raise Sickle Cell awareness, an inherited blood condition. Yonnet and Wayna will preview their new collaboration, a song that is promising to be a powerful anthem to the brave survivors of Sickle Cell, at tonights “Third Annual “Mo’ Than Jazz” Sickle Cell Benefit Concert.

Sickle cell disease affects approximately 15% of African-American children. Another 2 million Americans, or 1 in 12 African Americans, and 1 in 16 Hispanic carry the sickle cell trait. The disease is most prevalent in the African-American community, though individuals of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Central and South American, and Asian Indian heritage can develop the disease. 17-year-old Kenard Brooks, a sickle cell disease patient who will attend tonight’s concert, knows first hand the effects of Sickle Cell; as does Frédéric Yonnet, who has a niece with Sickle Cell. Sickle Cell awareness is an important cause at Florida Avenue Baptist Church – it is through the dedication and support of the Florida Avenue Baptist Church’s Health Initiative, that the “Mo’ Than Jazz” music ministry helps Faces of Our Children, a non-profit organization, increase awareness of sickle cell anemia.

Tonight’s benefit concert will feature a pre-reception, Sickle Cell Exhibit and screenings starting at 5 pm; doors will open at 5:30 and the concert will start at 6 pm. The Third Annual “Mo’ Than Jazz” Sickle Cell Benefit Concert is hosted by the Florida Avenue Baptist Church and the event’s proceeds will go to Faces of Our Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness, support and funding for the fight against the sickle cell disease.

Tickets are $25 (a tax-deductible donation) and can be purchased by calling 202-667-3409 or go online to Third Annual “Mo’ Than Jazz” Sickle Cell Benefit Concert. This event is sponsored by UFCW LOCAL 400 and co-sponsored by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Bohemian Caverns and TheRoot.com.


Event: 3rd Annual Mo’ Than Jazz Sickle Cell Benefit Concert featuring Frédéric Yonnet, Wayna & Adoration

Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time: Reception starts at 5 pm; Doors at 5:30 p; Concert at 6 pm

Location: Florida Avenue Baptist Church – 623 Florida Ave. NW, Washington, DC

Tickets: $25 tax-deductible donation – Call 202-667-3409 or Purchase Here

– END –

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 WPGC 95.5 FM presents the 12th Annual For Sisters Only Expo

11.09.11 - for sisters only cropped

The weekend of Saturday, November 5th was a VERY busy day at the Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. The Metropolitan Cooking Show, America’s Got Talent Auditions and A live performance with Marvin Sapp (in conjunction with the 3rd Annual One in the Spirit – A Faith Leader’s HIV & AIDS Symposium) were just a few of the activities happening at the Convention Center on Saturday, Nov. 5th alone – but one of the absolute highlights of Saturday, was the popular “12th Annual For Sister Only (FSO) Expo” presented by WPGC 95.5 FM, a CBS Radio Station.

FSO is a “welcome to the fall season” mainstay for the Washington DC area. A touring expo in select CBS Radio Urban markets, year after year FSO brings the very best to their attendees including The HealthCare Pavilion; The Beauty Pavilion; musical performances on The Main Stage; The Literary Cafe; The Empowerment Pavilion; The Children’s Pavilion; For Brothers Only Sports Pavilion; A Celebrity Meet & Greet; and over 70 phenomenal Sponsor, Exhibitor and Community Partner Vendors where attendees are able to shop, sample products, receive information on jobs, education, etc., and so much more. FSO has become the type of event that you simply must plan to spend your entire day there and don’t let the title fool you, For Sisters Only is an event that the entire family can enjoy and never fails to activities that everyone can enjoy. The Expo is held from 11 am to 8 pm, but between the great empowerment seminars and performances – and then the time that it takes to check out vendors, sample products, meet the WPGC on-air personalities and all the celebrities – you could probably use just one more hour enjoying, learning, being entertained and simply having a good time at For Sisters Only.

The largest event of its kind – For Sisters Only has reached out to more than fifteen thousand Washingtonian women and their families. This year’s FSO Empowerment Pavilion was consistently “standing room only” throughout the day, delivering powerful seminars on building personal wealth – A Purse of My Own with Wealth Coach Deborah Owens, David Banner (Rapper; Actor) and Dr. Traci Lynn; relationship insight and advice – He Say, She Say with Dr. Demetria Lucas, Tami Roman (from VH1’s Basketball Wives), Dr. Pamela Love Manning, Dr. Alduan Tartt, and R&B sensations Tank and Raheem DeVaughn; fulfilling your purpose and dreams – What’s Really Holding You Back with WPGC’s own Free, Dr. Michelle, Kandi Burruss (from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta; R&B Group Xscape) and TC (from Real Talk with TC); and interracial dating – Mixing It Up: Dating Across the Color Lines with Dr. Demetria Lucas, Ralph Richard Banks and Karyn Langhorne Folan. The FSO Health Care Pavilion was sponsored by United Medical Center and attendees were able to receive complimentary health care screenings. This pavilion was one of the busiest of all of the pavilions. Attendees were definitely taking advantage of the offered screenings, including dental, blood pressure & more. The FSO Literary Cafe featured authors Dr. Michelle, Ralph Richard Banks, Karyn Langhorne Folan and other notable authors.

And of course, there is the FSO Main Stage. Performances are a large part of the For Sisters Only experience and the Main Stage is always hosted by WPGC’s on-air personalities. The Main Stage started around 3 pm with a blessing by Rev. Tony Lee; Big Tigger, Free, DJ Heat and Guy Lambert from the Big Tigger Morning Show; Sunni; DJ Flexx from the Home Team; Peter Parker; Herkules; Shack ND Pack; Tony Redz; Aladdin; Poet; Broady and the rest of the WPGC Street Team & Family interacted with fans, had a really good time on stage and introduced some of the hottest R&B / Hip Hop artists in the game.

FSO 2011 featured performances by the Encore Dance Company, Ressa Rene, Phil Ade (who was joined on stage by DC’s own Raheem DeVaughn), Estelle, Eric Benet, Roscoe Dash, Tank, Johnny Gill, Wale (who was joined on stage by Trey from UCB), and the Main Stage concerts closed out the FSO Expo with Bell Biv DeVoe – better known as BBD.

This DC Music Events Examiner sat down backstage at For Sisters Only with Tank, Eric Benet, Johnny Gill & BBD to talk about how they got started in the business, their most memorable career moment and something about them that fans may not necessarily know. Look for part two of this article entitled – An Intimate Backstage Chat w/ Eric Benet, Johnny Gill, Tank & BBD at FSO 2011.

Finally, as if the pavilions, seminars, musical line up, inclusion of men and family haven’t impressed you enough about this “not to be missed” event – this year, a percentage of the proceeds from For Sisters Only will go to Final Salute Inc., a non-profit (501(c)3) organization who’s mission is to provide homeless female Veterans with safe and suitable housing. Check out Final Salute’s website and give whatever you can – a donation, your support or reach out to them and see what they may need. Let’s make sure we support America’s Veterans, not just around Veteran’s & Memorial Day, but 365 days a year.

Check out some of the video & photo highlights from FSO 2011 and in case you’re STILL not sure if you’ll attend the 13th Annual For Sisters Only in 2013 – take a peek at the highlights from For Sisters Only 2010.

– END –

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 Onyx Entertainment presents “A Concert & Fashion Showcase” at Busboys & Poets

An invitation to “Come out to celebrate what iz real….. in music, fashion and social awareness”. On Sunday, November 13th from 4:30 p to 6:30 p, Onyx Entertainment presents A Concert & Fashion Showcase at Busboys and Poets – 5th & K Sts., NW location.

11.12.11 - onyx entertainment cropped

Hosted by Dorothy Tene Redmond, this event will feature live performances by the R&B / hip hop artists of Iz Real Entertainment & the unique style of gospel-influenced Ahnwar; as well as the unique fashion style of the African diaspora from Abigail Asante’s Devine Designs and Accessories by Adele.

A Concert & Fashion Showcase will also feature a very special presentation. A few weeks ago, the Zion Kenya Mission Team returned from a mission trip to Kenya where they served people in the Kawangware slums of Nairobi and the surrounding areas. Onyx Entertaiment will not only share the images and experiences of the Zion Kenya Mission Team, but the models for Sunday’s event will be the very members of the mission team: Sonya Crosby, Giselle Gilpin, Britni Harris, Monika Mason, Vanessa Young & the event’s host Dorothy Tene Redmond.

Tickets are $ 10 in advanced and $ 20 at the door. For more information go to Facebook Event Info & to purchase tickets go to Onyx Entertainment presents “A Concert & Fashion Showcase”.


Onyx Entertainment presents “A Concert & Fashion Showcase”
Sunday, Nov. 13th – 4:30 p to 6:30 p
Busboys & Poets – 1025 K St., NW Washington DC
Admission: $ 10 in advance / $ 20 at the door

– END –

Current Source Link: https://lodeplus.com/onyx-entertainment-presents-a-concert-fashion-showcase-at-busboys-poets/
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 The Kennedy Center celebrates its 40th with a Grand Style Giveaway

09.08.11 - kennedy center 40th tix giveaway cropped

In honor of the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 40th “Birthday”, patrons are offered a rare opportunity – FREE tickets to some of the Kennedy Center’s most coveted events!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its opening in 1971 and the inauguration of the new MyTix program, the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts will be giving away (2) two free tickets for every Kennedy Center–presented performance in the 2011-2012 season, including such special events as the National Symphony Orchestra Season Opening Ball, the 34th Annual Kennedy Center Honors honoring Barbara Cook, Neil Diamond, Yo-Yo Ma, Sonny Rollins and Meryl Streep, and the 14th Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor honoring Will Farrell.

Entries are being accepted 3 ways – you can Register online, in person at the Box Office, or by phone at (202) 467-4600. Contest ends on Monday, September 19th at 10 am.

Everyone who enters will automatically be eligible to win one of three Grand Prizes:

  1. two tickets to the NSO Season Opening Ball;
  2. two tickets to the Kennedy Center Honors; or
  3. two tickets to the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Winners will be randomly selected after Sep. 19 and be notified by phone or email. Tickets will be mailed to the winners. Click here for complete contest rules and Click here to view a complete list of prizes to be awarded.
– END –

Current Source Link: https://knotmove.com/the-kennedy-center-celebrates-its-40th-with-a-grand-style-giveaway/
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Food, Music, Friday & Fun – It Must Be TRUCKEROO III

08.09.11 - truckeroo 3 cropped

Food Trucks.  Cities including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, & New York City have been chasing, frequenting, and  scouring the city in search of their favorite food truck vendor for years.  In the past few years DC has been swept away by the food truck phenomenon and this year Bullpen owner Bo Blair came up with what has to be one of the most ingenious concepts of the summer – Truckeroo.  A most interesting experience that takes the food truck experience to a perfect grass roots, festival like level.The inaugural “Truckeroo I” at Yards Park (near National’s Stadium) was back on June 3rd.  This event begged the immediate thought – “this is a GREAT Friday office get-away”.  You know the deal – it’s Friday, your work is done, it’s a perfect sunny summer day and everyone, including the boss, gets that “2:30 pm, let’s leave early” itch, but the question is where do you go?  The beach is too far, a movie would be such a waste of a beautiful day, and it’s too early for happy hour.

Well the problem is now solved – Truckeroo!!  Great food, great local music, beverages of an alcoholic nature and on June 3rd, there was even a bean bag toss.  Bean bags!!  The only thing missing was an oversized sand box a la personal beach to make it sheer heaven and the attendees ranged from families, to couples, to co-workers – Truckeroo is definitely a “Don’t Miss DC Event”!

Truckeroo I was packed by 4:45 pm, which was impressive, and while the food trucks are definitely a new DC novelty and the events main focus, there was just one thing on the agenda that day, the stage.  Truckeroo I & II have featured performances by Anthony “Swampdog” Clark, Deren “Fatskeys” Blessman and White Loafer.  Attending the first monthly Truckeroo festival, the music definitely did not disappoint.  “The day was perfect, the food was great, and the bands were rocking,” – Sean Gaiser, Director of Music & Events for Truckeroo and co-founder of Pick Up Productions – the company responsible for booking all the great musicians for Truckeroo.  The bands are typically not listed on the website, but with such awesome music, it was necessary to get the inside scoop on Friday’s line up & it looks like Truckeroo III’s  promises to deliver once again.  Come down and check out performances by:

And for those who love both the music & the food trucks, participating trucks include: Big Cheese ; BBQ Bus ; Cajunators ; Capitol Greenz ; Curbside Cupcakes ; DC Empanadas ; DC Slices ; Eat Stix ; Eat Wonky ; El Floridano ; Feelin’ Crabby ; Fojol Brothers ; Hula Girl Truck ; Mojo Truck ; Pleasant Pops ; PORC ; Red Hook Lobster Pound ; Sauca ; Sweetibites ; TaKorean ; That Cheesecake Truck ; Sabor’a Street ; Sang on Wheels ; Sinplicity Ice Cream ; Sol Mexican Grill. (List subject to change.)

Truckeroo III DC – see you there!!


Truckeroo III

Friday, August 12th – 11 am to 11 pm

Yards Park (Half & M Sts, SE – Directly across from Navy Yard Metro Station)

No Admission Charge / Must show ID

For more information on the festival, go to www.truckeroodc.com.
For more information on Pick Up Productions, go to www.pickupproducitons.com.
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