DC Teach-in (November 16-21st 2010)

REMIXING THE ART OF SOCIAL CHANGE: A HIP-HOP APPROACH 2010 is not your average conference or gathering. It’s a teach-in where folks from across the world come together in Washington, D.C. to participate in a unique experience that’s both action-oriented and community-based.

The teach-in outlines the tools and resources necessary to develop curriculum, programs, and artistic and scholarly work based on hip-hop culture. This year, we’ve got an exciting six-day gathering planned, with opportunities to further reinforce your work as an individual or organization, build sustainable organizations and promote cross-geography collaborations.

Our field is made up of organizations that use hip-hop culture to promote social change and push the envelope of what hip-hop culture can produce artistically, academically, politically and socially. The presenters at Remixing the Art of Social Change are the artists and educators who never gave up on hip-hop and are still actively working through it to promote love, peace, unity and having fun. Check out last year’s presentations here.

If you attended last year’s teach-in, which featured the critical voices of hip-hop, including pioneer Afrika Bambaataa and scholars, youth, organizations, artists and activists from around the world, you already know why you’ve got to register for Words Beats & Life’s 2010 international teach-in, Remixing the Art of Social Change: A Hip-Hop Approach. For those of you who missed it, click here to get a glimpse of what you missed.

Join us at REMIXING THE ART OF SOCIAL CHANGE 2010 for films, advocacy, networking, community building, career fair, live music, interactive presentations, peer-to-peer skill sharing, arts exhibitions, and of course group ciphers!


WBL – Remixing the Art of Social Change – Register & More Info


Day One – Tues, Nov. 16th

Building an Agenda for the Cipher

Location: Josephine Butler Center ; 2437 Fifteenth Street, NW ; Washington, DC 20009 ; http://www.washingtonparks.net/parkscenter.html

Time: 12 – 5 pm

As a registered participant in this year’s teach-in, you are now a member of the Cipher. The Cipher is one of the two programming arms of Words Beats & Life and is make up of 250 organizations, artists, scholars and activities who have attended past teach-ins. Over its 3-year history, the Cipher has worked to provide resources for our field. This session is our attempt to take a step back to (a) talk about what the Cipher has been and (b) establish collectively what, as a field, we need it to be. We will select 3-5 priorities that are in line with the work our field is already doing, using the fact that we are all part of a field as a means to organize our collective energy and effort to increase our individual and collective impacts in our communities.


Global Hip-Hop Concert (MC’ing)
Performance by Nomadic Massive

Location:  Millennium Stage at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts ; 2700 F Street, NW ; Washington, DC 20566 ; http://www.kennedy-center.org/index.cfm
Time: 6 – 7 pm




Day Two – Wed., Nov. 17th

Activism and Advocacy: Building a Hip-Hop Activism/Legislative Agenda

Location: Josephine Butler Center ; 2437 Fifteenth Street, NW – Washington, DC 20009 (http://www.washingtonparks.net/parkscenter.html)

Time: 12 – 5 pm

This multi-layered workshop will focus specifically on helping hip-hop educators, artists and activists to learn more about the legislative agendas of larger arts advocacy organizations. It will include presentations from the Future of Music Coalition and Americans for the Arts. Following the presentations, we will hold an initial discussion about priorities for our inaugural Hip-Hop on the Hill Day in 2011.

Part One
Americans for the Arts has an established history of arts advocacy throughout the United States. The presentations they will lead will be about the role of advocacy, public policy and grassroots-level organizing. It is vital that as a field we understand what our power is, not just in the form of direct service or action, but also in advocating on behalf of the communities we are part of and work daily to improve.

Part Two
The Future of Music Coalition will do a step-by-step workshop on hope to develop a campaign around a specific legislative priority. This is especially important as this field begins to determine what its most pressing legislative priorities are.

Part Three
This will be a roundtable discussion on what advocacy could look like for the hip-hop community. Discussion will include the importance of advocacy for artists and the step-by-step process for creating a campaign over a particular issues. We hope to determine what things as a field we will commit to advocating for at the federal, state, and local levels.


Let’s Get Free: The Black August Hip-Hop Project (Knowledge) – Film Screening

Location: Atlas Theater ; 1333 H Street, NE ; Washington, DC 20002 ; http://www.atlasarts.org/
Time: 6 – 9 pm

The Black August Hip-Hop Project strives to promote human rights through supporting and influencing the global development of Hip-Hop culture. By facilitating exchanges between international communities where Hip-Hop is a vital part of youth culture, they promote awareness about the social and political issues that affect our global communities. Their vision is to bring culture and politics together and to allow them to naturally evolve into a unique Hip-Hop consciousness that informs our collective struggle for a more just, equitable and human world. This film documents the movement through a series of interviews and performances with hip-hop artists and key members of the black activist movement.




Day Three – Thurs, Nov. 18th

A Hip-Hop Approach: Promising Practices for Hip-Hop Educators

Location: Meyer Foundation ; 1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 800 ; Washington, DC 20036 (http://www.meyerfoundation.org/)
Time: 12 – 5 pm

This is a day for hip-hop educators to come together to establish promising practices for teaching hip-hop. One of the major challenges for hip-hop educators in school-based and community settings is the challenge of having what is being taught line up with the academic standards of a particular school district. This workshop will be a daylong workshop designed to establish how to teach the core elements of hip-hop and align that with the academic standards of a school district. A portion of the day will be dedicated to helping educators to identify the standards for their geography. Once those standards are found, the facilitator will talk through with the educators in the room specific core content that is in line with those standards that could be part of teaching the core elements of hip-hop. A portion of the workshop will include in-school educators presenting specific strategies for lesson plan development that is in line with core content that is being tested for in school and how hip-hop can be used to teach those things.

At the conclusion of this workshop, core standards will be established for teaching b-boying, graffiti, mc’ing and dj’ing in a community-based setting that is aligned with school-based standards. School-based educators will also have practical steps for incorporating hip-hop into the classroom through the development of lesson plans, activities and film discussions that are in line with targeted academic outcomes.




Day Four – Fri, Nov. 19th

Hip-Hop Philanthropy Brunch

Location: Busboys and Poets ; 14th and V Streets, NW ; Washington, DC 20009-4442 (http://www.busboysandpoets.com/)

Time: 1 – 3 pm

There are a number of hip-hop foundations throughout the United States, all of which are taking different approaches to promoting social change. This brunch is designed to present some of the most effective members of this emerging field of philanthropy to present the work it’s doing. It will be an opportunity for each foundation to talk about the priorities and accomplishments and the successes they have had in the past 3-5 years. This is especially important, as the hip-hop philanthropic community is small but having an important impact.



Location: Moderno ; 12th and U Streets, NW ; Washington, DC 20009-4442 (http://www.dccondoboutique.com/moderno.php)

Time: Don’t have – check the site

Since 1994, the 2DK L.A.B. has practiced and preserved the public name-writing tradition in the Washington, DC area. From its roots in Prince George’s County, MD, its reach and influence stretched across the country. Now in its sixteenth
year, the collective boasts a membership of over three hundred in more than twenty states nationwide and continues to grow.

26 WEAPONS is a collection of individually painted graffiti letters on canvas, found objects and antique doors. This collection seeks to simplify the graffiti artist’s formula into an amuse-bouche of graffiti style. Each piece connects to the next through shared origins, yet at the same time reflects the endless possibilities each character holds to be manipulated and molded to the artists’ vision.




Day Five – Sat, Nov. 20th

Workshops, Morning Keynote, Hip-Hop Career Fair, and more….

Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center ; 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW ; Washington, DC 20001-3614 (http://www.dcconvention.com/)

Time: 7:30 am – 6:15 pm


7 a – 8:15 a  —  Continental Breakfast and Check-In

8:30 am-10:30 am  —  Hip-Hop Career Fair

8:45 am-9:30 am  —  Opening Cipher:  MC’s, DJ’s, and B-Boys & Girls

9:30 am-10:15 am  — Morning Keynote and Questions

10:30am-12:30 am —  Morning Workshops

Get Up, Get Out: Doing it Yourself (DIY) – Workshop (Orgs/Artists)

All Samples Cleared: Exploring Fair UsePanel/Workshop (Artists/Orgs)

Read a Book: Hip-Hop in the Classroom – Workshop (Scholars/Educators)

It’s All About the Benjamins?: What About Before the Money Comes – Workshop (Orgs/Artists/Scholars)

You Must Learn: From University Curriculum to Community Transformation – Workshop (Scholars)

Scholars Round Table: Featuring nominees for Hip-Hop Scholar of the Year Award

12:15 pm-2:00 pm —  Lunch

12:15 pm-2:00 pm — Hip-Hop Career Fair

1 pm-2 pm —  The Remix Awards

1. Hip-Hop Scholar of the Year Award
2. Hip-Hop Organization of the Year Award
3. Hip-Hop Foundation of the Year Award
4. Traditional Foundation of the Year Award
5. Government Agency of the Year Award
6. Pioneer Award
7. Website/Media Use Award
8. Hip-Hop Event of the Year Award
9. Hip-Hop and Civic Engagement Award

2:15 pm-4:15 pm  — Afternoon Workshops

– Be Healthy: Cultivating a Healthy Work Culture – Workshop

– The Light: A Juried Performing Artist Showcase – Performance Space (Artists/Organizations/Scholars/Youth)

– U.N.I.T.Y.: Visionary Leader of our Field – Featuring nominees for Hip-Hop Event of the Year AwardPanel (Scholars/Artists/Organizations)

– All Skools: Bridging the Gap Between Hip-Hop GenerationsWorkshop (Youth)

– “I Was There”: Unearthing Hip-Hop’s Past Through First Person AccountsInterview (Scholars)

– Locked Up: Prisons, Hip-Hop and our Kids Workshop (Scholars/Artists/Organizations)


4:30-6:00 — Closing PanelLet the Rhythm Hit ‘Em: More than a Movement

6:00-6:45 — Closing Cipher: MC’s, DJ’s, and B-Boys & Girls


Top Notch 2 v 2 B-boy/Girl Jam

Location: The U Street Music Hall – 1115 U St, NW – Washington, DC 20009-4442 (http://www.ustreetmusichall.com/)
Time: 4 – 10pm

$1000 prize
On the 1’s & 2’s:
DJ Fleg
DJ Franco De Leon




Day Six – Sun, Nov. 21st

Leadership Brunch at Social (co-hosted by Bloombars)

Location: Social: Restaurant and Bar – 1400 Meridian Place, NW – Washington, DC 20010 (http://www.social14.com/)
Time: 11am-2pm