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Dear RaeNewmanBlog Fam,
It’s been 3 long months of figuring out exactly where the glitch was, you see, I’ve been unable to post anything to the blog since August.  At one point, I was concerned that the blog would never have another post again, or that I’d have to start over and lose this blog completely.  But to know me is to know that even when I have a million things going on – I take one thing at a time & every “problem solved” or “issue put to bed” allows me to tackle the #NextThing.

And so, I appreciate the emails, the posts, etc.  It was great to hear from many of you, asking if (or when) I’d be back; and I didn’t know myself until a few days ago…..

Amazing events and opportunities have happened in the past few months, and I am soooo sorry that you guys missed some really, really great events.  But I am BACK finally, and looking forward to #Connecting you all with more great events and opportunities.

Events/opportunities you may have missed:

  • Aug 19 ~~ Ward 3 night at STC’s annual Free For All @ Sidney Harman Hall.  This year’s featured production was Othello, starring accomplished actor Faran Tahir (Star Trek, Iron Man, Scandal).
  • Aug 23 ~~ Startup Law 101, an amazing day of powerful panels, geared toward women entrepreneur’s – powered by The Beacon DC & hosted at Google DC’s HQ.
  • Sept 16 ~~ After a few years on hiatus, the return of one of my MOST favorite annual events – Jack Daniel’s “Arts, Beats & Lyrics (AB+L).” Formerly known as “Gentleman Jack’s AB+L” and now reprised as “JD Honey AB+L;” this event was held at Echostage.
  • Sept 18 ~~ #YoursTruly was invited to participate on the highly regarded “STORY Event Series: Lightning Talks” panel.  My talk was on “Engagement” – online, person-to-person, networking, branding, etc – how improving how we engage and understanding how important #AuthenticEngagement is.
    The STORY Event Series is powered by AEY Marketing & Events.
    #ShoutOut to my fellow panelist that evening: Tracy Betts (BID Agency)  ~  Kristian Bouw (NotionTheory)  ~  Charles Hilderbrant   (Museum of Science Fiction)  ~  Stephen Karp (IMG)  ~  Sarah Kaufmann (Author/WaPo critic)  ~  Corey Petree (Story Store)  ~  Sage Salvo (Words Liive)  ~  Jay Vilar (Nourish)  ~  Michael Wilker (HHS)  ~
  • Oct 9 ~~ “Domestic Violence Awareness through Arts & Dialogue” event hosted by Sisters Speaking Serenity @ Bus Boys and Poets in Brookland
  • Oct 19 ~~ A One Night Fall Revival with Pastor John Gray @ Greater Mount Calvary Baptist Church
  • Oct 27 & 28 ~~ TEDxMidAtlantic 2017 : Superpowers Conference @ Sidney Harman Theatre
    and more……

And #DontMiss the opening of DC’s newest museum, “The Museum of the Bible.”

Anyhoo, it’s soooo great to be back.  Let me know your thoughts, leave comments and keep sharing my blog posts with your networks!!  I’m so very thrilled that I’ll be able to #KeepConnecting & keep sharing amazing opportunities for years to come.

#BeAmazing & #ChangeTheWorld,
Rae Newman