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The Fortune 500 Luxury Experience http://fortune500club.com/   :: A unique gathering of 500 of Philadelphia’s most prominent multicultural taste-makers.

The Fortune 500 is a unique gathering of 500 of Philadelphia’s most prominent multicultural tastemakers, cultural influencers and expendable income earners assembled in one immaculate 20,000 square foot mansion equipped with a pool, VIP pool side bungalows, finished basement with a full bar, a movie room, and multiple rooms for sponsorship exclusivity themes. This event is for the “NEXT”; the next mayor and governor, the next entertainer and pro-athlete, the next big business and small business owner, the next Fortune 500 member.


playmates and jigga

Many many thanx to Juli Wyatt of Jam Sports, Ciroc, the NFL, Roc Nation and WPCG for what turned out to be a great night of networking, hob nobbing, dranks, music and simply an extremely great time had by all.

I attended with my client, Fitness Expert Bridget Smith, and it was clear as we walked in the room that movers and shakers were in the place.  First of all, Jay Z’s newest release – Blueprint 3 – was spinning as we walked in the room.  We knew we were in a “hot” room, you could tell by the energy.  For a minute we didnt see anyone we knew and then, like it always does, we began to scope the room.   Nate Peake.  The newest additions to the Donnie Simpson Morning Show – DC’s own Mike Brooks & Anji Corley (who I LOVE – we gotta hang girl – welcome to DC!!).  Rhomme Mahmud of Pembroke West Associates.  Jeffrey Earl of Chartered Health Plan.  Fred Smoot & Robert Henson of the Redskins.  They were just a few of the PlayMakers that were in the house – and we simply had a great time.  Reconnecting, connecting, and at the end of the day enjoying an industry, a life style — friendships and business that we are so blessed to be a part of.

Erik “Bones” Jones made sure everyone was looking good for the camera’s eye.  It was such a “moment” to see one of our photos on the WPGC home page.  WOW!!   I will surely grab more of the great photos he took and of course I had my camera in tow.  The Ciroc ladies made sure that we enjoyed the signature Ciroc drink of evening.  I dont know what it was or what they called it – but I simply called it YUM!  And DJ XXX made sure that everyone got some dancing in.  And dance we did!!

It was a simply awesome way to end a productive & intense work day!  Thanx again and if you didnt catch the photo on the WPGC homepage – here it is…..

wpgc home page