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NFL Training Camp is Underway…..

Event - Aug 2009 - Redskins training camp

Words cannot express the excitement that comes over me as summer begins to wind down, I all but kill myself to make it to all the hot summer concerts and my eyes and ears get ready for … SOME FOOTBALL!!!  I am an AVID football and basketball fan.  Growing up in a sports family, where – at my Grandmothers house on Sundays, you better not say 1 bad word about Dan Marino or the Democrats – football in the fall ruled.

Over the years I have had the privledge to work many many football games as a second audio on the collegiate (Howard, Morgan) and professional (Redskins, Ravens) level.  And what could be better than to be on the sidelines – with the players and coaches as an insider to a game that I love.  And of course, being an A2 – I would hear every crunch, cuss, and catch that would happen on the field.  And I love it!  But after a knee injury and long hours – I came to understand that there was something better than working the game.  And that was watching it from a sky box / VIP Seats!!  But honestly, in the end zone or the 50 yd line, the way stadiums are built these days it really doesnt matter as long as I can see the plays and the scoreboard.

This year the Redskins have started training camp and via email, once again, was my invitation to attend training camp!!  I have 4 more days to get it together.  Being car less means I have to coordinate, but this year I am determined to go.  For the past 3 years I have gotten an invite to go and never have.  First of all – its hot.  Second of all – its early in the am.  And third – traffic!  And the thought of watching the players run around in the heat is enough to make me break out sweating right now!!  I cant take it!!  But living in a city that has its own football team – no matter how you feel about the team – for a football fan, going to check out training camp can be a part of the insiders experience.  The way I look at it – training camp is all about being a sun – fun – a.m. outing!!

The NFL has been all in the news these days from scandal to the excitement of the upcoming season – but it makes me no difference as long as I can come back from church, and cook a great meal as I watch some great games.  Often times folks ask me am I a Redskins fan.  And I say I am a fan of good football – which technically will automatically put me in the category of a Ravens fan.  Even when I worked the games, of course deep down I want Washington to win.  To return to the glory days of Joe Thiesmann, The Hogs, John Riggins, Doug Williams, & RFK Stadium.  But as I have been reminded by Dallas fans – that was then.  And unfortunately, in my opinion – as many do – as long as Snyder is there, a win is a long shot.  But oft times,  long shots is what the whole game of sports is based on.

But I will continue to support them in the way that I do.  I dont boo them, but I dont make excuses either when a bad play is run.  But at the end of the day, no matter what your team, or how die-hard you are – there is no better place to be on football Sunday than in a stadium, cheering, booing, saying WTF was that play – whaddya mean you couldnt convert on 3rd & inches.  Yes, I know my game!!

So that is my 2 cents intro as we begin to look forward to another season of football.  This year on my football bucket list is

  1. Join a football pool
  2. Continue from last year of watching games with my football fan friends in sports bars
  3. Finally attend a tailgate (I have gotten sooo many invites!!!)
  4. Go to training camp (4 days and counting!!)
  5. Get Danielle (die-hard Eagles) and Meisha (die-hard Steelers) to do a post.

We’ll see if I can at least cross two items off the list this year….wish me luck!


See ya at camp!