GAIN’s Mentor Committee is proud to present the second event of its new ‘D.C. Decorum’ workshop series, centered on the proper – yet distinctive – methods of conduct that are sure to set you apart from the crowd in Washington DC.

Please plan to join us for a panel discussion led by Richard Levick and his Public Affairs team at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, June 7th for ‘D.C. Decorum: Crafting Communications.’ This event will be an hour-long conversation exploring the art of drafting professional emails, meeting requests, letters to the editor, press releases, advocacy letters and other essential work-place documents you never had to write in school. Lunch will be provided.

GAIN’s resolution for every year is to ‘Inclusively Connect DC’ by helping government relations professionals at all stages of their careers develop and fine-tune their advocacy skills and attending our new ‘Decorum’ workshops is a great way for newcomers, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between to learn the ropes and sharpen their skills in 2017.

Registration is required and we look forward to seeing you June 7!