On Saturday, October 9th from 4 pm to 6 pm, we invite you out to participate in the first official “GhettoPhysics – Speak Truth to Power” Panel at the Stone Fish Grill (800 Capital Center Blvd – Largo, MD). The panel is free.

Come out and meet the director, E Raymond Brown and our distinguished panel as we discuss, share, pontificate, learn, educate and dialogue with each other in a very interactive, informal, organic forum where we will talk further about the controversial hybrid documentary film – “GhettoPhysics: Will the Real Pimps and Ho’s Please Stand Up!”.

We want to hear from you.  So whether you have seen the film, are planning to see it at a later date, want to hear more about the film, are on the fence about the film, or you think this film “is not for you” – this panel discussion is definitely for you.  Come out, meet the director, hear what the panel has to say, and learn what the film’s message is all about.

“I think it’s a wonderful film. And he (referring E. Raymond Brown’s earlier comment) is right – I don’t talk like that. (Referring to the use of the word Pimp & Ho).  I had to even think about whether or not I would participate in the film. But the message is so critical, and people have to understand that sometimes you have to use language that will get peoples attention. And certainly his language gets people’s attention. And I think he has accurately described what’s going on in our country.”

—- Quote from Cynthia McKinney – former US Congresswoman from Georgia / film interviewee at the DC Screening of GhettoPhysics

Meet the Panel —

  • E Raymond Brown – Filmmaker, Author & Entrepreneur ;  Co-Director, Writer & Producer of  “GhettoPhysics – Will the Real Pimps and Ho’s Please Stand Up!”
  • Rock Newman – Entrepreneur, Community/Political Activist; Well Known Boxing Manager/Promoter
  • Reggie Ray – Activist & Award Winning Theatrical Designer; Professor at Howard University – Fine Arts Department
  • Maia Carroll – Arts Activist & Consultan
  • Jerome Tucker – Media Entrepreneur;  3rd EyE OPEN at BackDoor Enterprises
  • Sharon Jenkins – Award winning communications professional;  CEO of My Brothers’ Business Enterprises
  • Tchaka Sapp – Founder & CEO of the Athletic Leadership Institute, Inc.

Event/Media Contact:  Rachel Newman (DC Publicist) – Rae@MGSandbox.com / 202.210.6735