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A relaxed weekend in one of the best hotels* in the world!

If it were up to us, it would be Mother’s Day every month. Or maybe even every week! But since mothers are being thanked for all the wonderful things they do only once a year, we thought it would be best to thank them in style. With a weekend in the Sardinian luxury hotel Faro di Capo Spartivento, which was named as one of the top hotels by TripAdvisor.com*!

The flight and the ride to (and from) the hotel are included, and the winning mother can bring one of her beloved ones, too!

How to enter.

Entering is very easy: tell us why your mother deserves to win, and the mother who deserves it the most (according to our judges) will be rewarded with this wonderful trip. You can use almost any online platform to let us know, such as TwitterFacebook or a personal (Tumblr) Blog. Or all three 🙂
You can start sending us your reasons why your mother should win on the 27th of April, but no later than the 5th of May 2011, 12.00 PM CET (6 am EST). The winner will be declared on Friday the 6th of May, which is two days before Mother’s Day**.
* Source: ANSA.it
** Yes, we know it’s not Mother’s Day on the 8th of May in *every* country, but it is in most parts of the world.

Contest rules.

Everyone can enter the contest, simply by stating why his or her mother should win a trip to Hotel Faro di Capo Spartivento in Chia, Sardinia (Italy). You can use many online platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook or your (Tumblr) blog, but you are not limited to using only one.
The winning mother is rewarded with a stay in Hotel Faro di Capo Spartivento from the 13th of May 2011 until the 15th of May 2011 (the first weekend after Mother’s Day). These dates cannot be changed, so make sure that your mother is free to travel on the 13th of May!
Facebook: Simply leave a comment on our Facebook page with the reason why your mother should win. Although liking our Facebook page isn’t required, we would -of course- highly appreciate it!

Twitter: Give a reason why your mother should win in under 140 chars. Make sure to include the hashtag #mymomrules in your Tweet so we can find your Twitter entry.  Mentioning our Twitter name (@charming_italy), following us or linking to our contest page isn’t mandatory, but we’d obviously love it if you did.  Start Tweeting now!

Blog: Write a blog post about why your mother deserves to win. You can either link to our website (so we can find your entry very easily), mention your post to us via Facebook or Twitter, or you can email it to us – whatever you prefer.

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